TC, please make all skins scrappable

What the topic says. I can see a reason, why we can’t craft all skins, but why can’t we scrap those, we already own? For example, i got my second emerald phantom boomshot, and can’t scrap it. Also i have 2 lucky lancers. I’m not even talking about season rewards skins. They are all the same, and it’s not like we can get a million scrap from them.
I would highly appreciate, if @TC_Octus or @anon86589457 bring this to the dev team.
Thank you.


Yes x9,000

I have asked for this several times.

All those JD, Lancer and Gnasher Skins just clogging up the inventory and also all those multiple ranked skins I’m never going to use as well as the other stream skins locked down.

Please make them all scrappable and allow us to “Lock” favourite cards so they can’t be accidentally scrapped!


As far as I know, this may be a low priority on their list since they said the web team is focusing on making the Gears Pop website and season 4 claimable rewards. The website overhaul and even the scrap all skins seems to be a low priority at the moment.

I agree because the lucky drop like most that TC has to offer was terrible it’s the least they can do and plus would won’t any skin be scrap-able?!

i’m not a programmer, and i certainly do not work on games, but i don’t think it is that difficult to make certain skins scrappable. The mechanic is already in the game, it’s not like TC must create it from scratch.

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And I believe they have done it before with other skins that couldn’t be scrapped and then they allowed them to be scrapped because I remeber getting rid of them straight after you were allowed.

The only reason TC have said they are hesitating is because they don’t want people to accidentally scrap cards and then come to them asking to restoring it.

But then it just continues allowing the inventory to be clogged up with useless cards.

Would be good to be able to “Hide” the Base Skins as well because they just get in the way …

People anyways can scrap like the majority of cards. It’s not like anybody will miss the season rewards skins, except maybe diamond ones. We just want all skins to be scrapable.

I would also like the ability to choose multiple skins at once and then scrap them, because doing so one by one is tiresome, but i’m not really counting on it lol.

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Indeed, then im sure there must be other reason why as the chuzzmas emblem used to be unscrappable and now its not.

Dont know whats stopping them from doing the same to other non scrapable cards.

I just wish I could scrap all those trash JD skins. I don’t even want scrap for them or anything I just want them gone.


Which ones the Gears Art skins? If so why open the Gear pack which given you them? :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said in my previous reply, Octus said they can do it - they are just hesitant because they don’t want people to then come back to them and say they scrapped something by mistake and if they could have it back.

Which doesn’t make a lot of sense because all paid for content, even stuff you can’t craft, can be scrapped but those terrible JD skins that almost no one uses are locked down.

In all honesty, people should actually be careful and pay attention when they’re scrapping because there is a confirmation warning which acts a sa safeguard before the site/game scraps it.bu

Again, this could be remedied by allowing owned exclusives to be craftable. So if you own an exclusive and then scrapped it. Then you would have the option to craft it.

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Yeah this idea would make the most sense. This should also apply to Black Steel skins too just in case of accidents (or hacking which I’ve heard some people claim they were victims of).

It’s definitely possible. Case in point I scrapped my Vintage Kait thinking she was part of Series 3 until it was just a mistake on their end and put her back to being Beta exclusive. Which I might add they still haven’t gotten back to me concerning this issue.

Agreed, anything you have had previously should be craftable later.

Then people would complain that there " my friend deleted all my skins because I game share with him" This never happended to me but I’m just saying sometimes people just love trolling.

To that I would say tough.

Majority of the skins are scrappable anyway.

I’m sure if your friend scrapped all your JD Skins you actually owe him at least a thank you for taking the time to do so :laughing:

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Interesting that’s why some aren’t scrapable. Each player is responsible for their own stuff and if you delete it accidently then that’s the player’s problem. TC needs to quit acting like a babysitter and do what makes sense.

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Exactly, you should always be careful when scrapping and it does give you a prompt as well.

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I didn’t open any packs to get them. If I did then I’d be expecting scrap for them. These are those trash developer skins or whatever you’d call them.