TC, Please let us use our Locust skins in PvE!

As it stands, PvE enthusiasts have little reason to bother with the ToD, as it contains only two, lack-luster CoG skins, and the rest are Swarm.
Hell, the reward for the “Escape from Kadar” event, a PvE only event, is only useable in PvP, and only if you’re lucky enough to end up on the Swarm team.


Besides a ton of coins for skill-cards? Also, HB Fahz is great. Same for the Gunslinger-expression.

Eh speak for yourself lol. Can’t wait to get to general rank lol.


Well, to each their own I guess, personally I find expressions pointless, and I’m not a fan of the HB skins.
I usually just save the coins for skins myself.

@WrinklyHornet34 To be fair, I can only really speak for myself, and maybe five other people I’ve seen express similar concerns, though it is my hope that we can all find some common ground.
As long as that common ground leads to playable Locust skins in PvE. :wink:

The only place I want to see locust skins is on the enemy.


Its come up a few times and my answer is no. It will cause mass confusion and nothin more. Horde is COG vs Swarm and as far as I concerned it should remain that way. If you really want to use Swarm characters for PVE then start a petition or something to have TC work on a beast mode like pve mode.


Yeah, but you’re also the guy who wants lesbian space rocks in horde, so I hope you won’t take it personally if I
completely disregard your opinion. :sweat_smile:

@WrinklyHornet34 “Mass confusion” he says. :rofl:
Just change the lights on their armor and weapons from red to blue, like what they did for the DeeBee, it will be fine.


honestly if your gonna just redicule my comments then this has gone as far as it can go. The answer is no its a bad idea and good day.

So a friend is playing as blademaster the other side of the map as a locust/swarm character and I have to look for blue lights on the weapon or skin?


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Dude, you do know the hud is a thing right? The game will show you a + symbol over your wounded buddy.
Your argument is as irrational as it is disingenuous.

I didn’t state when he was wounded.

I don’t want this, and we may have discussed before, but I’ll state it again, for this reason :

To me, and this isn’t because of any lore or whatever, Horde isn’t an FFA where Swarm start killing each other, it’s about 5 humans(and/or robots if you must, they don’t bother me) surviving against the Horde. I’d find it very silly if I suddenly had Queen Reyna and her Swarm cohorts fighting their own alongside Kait and whoever else, at that. It’s more about the feel of the mode(s, if you count Escape, where I don’t want to be seeing any Swarm or Locust run around), whether it also fits the lore background and visual clarity doesn’t matter much(to me, obviously) cause dead characters are running around and we can have two Lizzies or more on one team.

I was also about to suggest to create one big thread for it instead of putting it into nearly every comment of yours which was getting slightly annoying especially when completely unrelated to the post you were responding to or overall thread.

Of course TC could do the sensible thing and either allow hosts to completely turn off Swarm/Locust in their custom lobbies, or provide an in-game options toggle but they didn’t have the foresight to do so for feature characters so I don’t want it for that reason as well, that I wouldn’t get the option to replace them with some default COG or ban them from being used because they have no place in neither PvE mode.


Then that’s even weirder for you to bring up, there’s no friendly fire in horde mode man.

Oh Jesus, that doesn’t stop people shooting me when I’ve hijacked an enemy, if they get confused by that they will sure as hell waste fire on a locust blademaster the other side of the map.


People waste fire on me when I’m using a human skin, let alone when I’m playing as a DeeBee, it’s not a big deal.

Plus, you can also activate objective vision, and it will outline all your teammates in white.

So perhaps they should do the same in pvp too? After all it’s not a big deal and they can have red and blue flashing lights.

They literally did that in Gears of War judgment, both teams were human in PvP with differently colored lights and, what do you know, it didn’t confuse anyone.

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We can be DeeBee’s in Escape and they get podded as well which isn’t possible lorewise yet no ones complaining about that because they feel like playing as DeeBee’s 1553043367383


And not one part of my argument was “lore”. Lore wise we wouldn’t be fighting any non-corrupted DBs alongside the Swarm while both happily coexist either.


Yes, you and I have discussed this at length, between us it just comes down to a matter of opinion.
I want playable Locust in PvE, you don’t, you’re honest about it, and I respect that, nothing much to talk about for you and I.

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