TC Please greenlight Tuning Test before you drop the game. In-depth analysis

Please, it’s so much better. This is all I’ve wanted for this game since it was silently added to Customs. It’s the best tuning of the gnasher this game has seen yet, and it’s the only one I want to use for the remainder of Gears 5’s life.

Getting 2-shot downs on Tuning Test is about as difficult as it should be. In current tuning, you can fire a shot that barely lands, but another full spread from gnasher medium range, or even a little less than a full spread , and it will down. This current tuning leads to more boring, and often one-sided close quarters gnasher fights. Simply because Player 1 landed a tiny bit of damage, in some cases, Player 2 is immediately out of options, as an attempt to retaliate will only expose them to a shot that will most likely down them, even though they might have only lost 15% of their HP or less.

An example of this would be:
Say you shoot someone’s upper body while they’re on cover, while sliding to the cover yourself. You landed 4 pellets. If you opponent did anything but create a large gap in between you, or gib you with the only shot they have time for, you can simply walk wide around the corner and down with the next shot. A majority of Gears 5 players don’t play like this, but it is very powerful nonetheless.

Of course, this can happen on Tuning Test as well, but it’s more difficult to do when you have to be more accurate, and the gun does less damage. I think this is a bump up in the skill ceiling that would benefit Gears 5, and would be a great final Gnasher for the game. I like that the gun does less damage, and that the max damage for a single shot is capped somewhere before 90% (I believe it’s 85%?). This means shotgun fights will last longer on average, and the consistently more accurate player will be winning more of them. Moreover, the weaker gnasher means more pushes to common pieces of cover are no longer very unlikely to succeed, and the defending opponent (the one already on cover) has to worry about shooting shots that matter with correct timing, rather than just dealing some damage to the pushing player before they get to the cover.

Correct me if I’m wrong about some of the changes in the Tuning Test option. As far as I know, there’s not yet a changelog of how it’s different than the Current tuning posted anywhere. Also, remember that these are my thoughts and opinions and it’s ultimately up to TC to decide whether it gets put in, so don’t send ME any hate mail if it does lol.




Bring Back Gears 4 Core Tuning,

With Health Regen while bouncing please.

Want to relive the glory days.

And also,

KOTH + 5v5.

As a second option,

Bring forth the test tuning into Competitive.


Yeah. The game needed to be slowed down since movement was too easy and certain aspects like up A’s are easier than they’ve ever been which made for unrewarding and unskilled gameplay. The issue was that Jimbob didn’t have the time to implement the final piece of the puzzle. The gnasher nerf. It was always an easy to use nuke since launch but now people are back to bricking people no matter how bad their aim is like the game is back to the launch aim assist.

TC is making a big mistake not putting in the tuning as soon as possible. It’s obviously a large improvement over what we have now and teams are already scrimming on it in preparation for Season 3. One shot downs should be an easy fix. It’s hard to enjoy the game when you have played a better version of it. It’s hard to even get games on it since it’s not even available in FFA for customs.


Yeah that’s another thing I forgot to mention; fix the one-shot down bug lol.

What Turing Test… Oh… You mean Tuning Test! My bad! :sweat_smile:


sadly, just like the prototype weapons, I think this is more something they want us to use in our own matches.

I usually play with bots with the classic tuning…but don’t really know what the difference is.

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You don’t know what the difference is with the classic tuning and the live tuning or you talking about the test?

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Bless the Maker, I read that as Turing Test at first, as well. Whew! Man, they almost caught me… Wait…


I don’t know what the difference between classic and regular game tuning is. I’m not a huge PVP player so I don’t get super into the technical stuff. The only major difference I seemed to notice is less Aim assist.

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You can’t cancel your wall slides in classic.


I believe they said the next Map Rumble would be 5v5. So we know they can put it back, but they won’t. Should have given us waaaay more VS options for customs and enabled all modes in playlists. Halo style custom matches. I want all the way down to what primary secondary, grenade and pistol players spawn with, how many HP they have, etc. It’s ridiculous already they promised a map builder and didn’t deliver. Far Cry ONE had that on 360. They should have given us the same settings they have when making VS events.


Agree 100%. The best tuning there ever was from TC, the true Gears of War tuning.


:100: :fax: right here.


Even if, every Gears needs to be different lol. Gears is already so stale, offering nothing that’s really different since GoW3 imo. Changing the slide speed, weapon damage values, etc. isn’t going to solve that. Gears 6 needs to introduce new versus mechanics, new skills to master, not just a weapon tuning to adjust to. Gears 6 has to be totally different.

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Versus with Bosses!?
Or you try to hide in Versus but a Juvie push you out of your cover!?

Totally disagree. Garbage tuning. It was basically weaker Gears 3 which was already bad with the same two shot downs and too strong rifles. The people who like it only played ranked in one sided lobbies. Play a high level custom and you’ll see how bad it was and why comp was the more balanced tuning. Even comp had issues but at least it wasn’t the low skill core

This debate has been and gone but I can’t not comment on these:

Wrong. There were many loyal Versus players who much preferred Core Tuning over Competitve. That statement is bizarre.

If you consider “more balanced” to be horribly nerfed and embarrassingly weak weaponry, then you are correct. Just because the “Pro” players enjoyed it doesn’t make it the right way forward.

It’d take greater skill to survive and conquer on a high damage and brutal tuning than it would on one that replaces every weapon with an air gun equivalent.


It’s embarrassingly weak to you because of the low skill level of the people you’re used to playing. Play in high level customs with people who can aim and you’ll be wondering why you’re going down so fast. That’s the issue with Gears. People with varying skill levels are essentially playing two different games. One thinks the current lancer is a pea shooter and the other recognizes how oppressive it really is

You’re such a presumptuous little man.

Who are you to make the accusations of my skill level and those I’ve played with when this is a debate in regards to an older game’s tuning?

It’s really not an issue anymore for anyone. At the time, of course, but not for both the remaining Gears of War 4 players and the current Gears 5 players.


Lol you get so many different opinions about what is and isn’t balanced correctly in Gears 5, and I’m assuming it was like this in 4 as well. Idk cuz I didn’t play 4 that much. I’ve seen players say the lancer should be reverted back to whatever game update had it at the highest DPS it’s seen in this game, as if crossfiring is something no one’s ever heard of. Oh, and that it’s active reload should raise it’s DPS lol, along with the other loadout weapons. I’ve seen people say they want the gnasher from launch tuning, and the supersonic weapon swap time, and so many other things.

It’s best when they just balance from the top down. Even games with huge amounts of players do it, and just have somewhere the “noobs” can play and not worry about it.

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