TC, please give us the Gears 1 maps :)

I am sure I am not the only one missing Gridlock, Mansion, Raven Down, Canals, Fuel Depot etc
You could really change the whole outlook and raise the spirits of many!


Please no Gridlock, Ravens Down, Canals, or Fuel Depot. These maps need to be retired. If they remake maps please let them remake maps that we havent played 1000 times already


Inb4 Onyx comes in.

EDIT: Speak of the devil.

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Only Gridlock…

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I beat you by a minute.

My post at the top though? :thinking:


on mine hes first

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I was first.

Han shot first,

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*edit: to clear confusion, I’m a woman.

I love 4 of those maps and hate 1.

I love em all but don’t want to see them again for a few years, except maybe raven down cause that will always have a place in my heart.

Oh yeah, I knew, thought you meant that I was which confused me.