TC please give us faster movment option in custom ATLEAST

Like the title says. Im sick of spamming the your developer streams asking with no response.
The last time i got a response about slower movment i had to basically insult them to get a response on stream.
Dana answered and said it was universally liked.
Actually no it wasnt. The tuning was universally liked but the slower movement bein criticized fell in deaf ears.

Please give us a BETA PLAYLIST OR ATLEAST an option for custom.
I don’t care about rank if the game is NOT FUN. AND IT ISNT FUN.
If it were an option for atleast custom lobbies. I would be content and actually play and I would gladly support tc.

I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT FEELS THIS WAY. Sadly there would be a ton more but i know for a fact most of them quit after op.3

Atleast give me a answer. I dont want to continue to troll and spam for nothing.
Ive havnt played since last friday and will not with the current movment.

But as you can see im still here. Becasue i dont want to see a franchise that i love die.


What? Are you not enjoying some glue under your feet?

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I don’t think that’s glue.


Its not glue sir. ITS MUD

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