TC Please fix the EU servers

I know you have other pressing issues with this game but you have no idea how infuriating this game is playing on US servers as a UK resident.
The lag is god awful and the ping is a disgrace.
We are coming up to nearly a week now since the ultimate edition was released and we still don’t have EU servers as far as I can tell.
Also, allow us to select the servers that we play on.
I’m sick of joing a servers miles away, having to quit and then wait 30 minutes as a penalty for leaving the game.


They need to fix ALL the servers.

I heard the EU servers aren’t even up and running yet, it’s ridiculous.

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They are there, you get them in quick play, apparently it’s the matchmaking process prioritising speed and skill over location so we’re getting put on servers based forger away, so the issue has been acknowledged.
Now we just need a fix

Hi there, this is a known priority issue for TC, once the servers are stable this will be the main issue.

Progress here:

Closing as we have tons of threads on this issue,