Tc please fix remapped input icons

Like the title says. Ive made a post about this 2 other times now

I remapped my LB ( TAC COM) TO B
( MALEE) AND vice versa

All the icons are corrext except for when i get MANTLE KICKED , and the B button pops up instead of LB to deflect it.
It has gotten me killed 98 times out of a 100 because even though i know and remember to hit LB. That gets thrown out the window when i see the red B button icon pop up on my screen and i start pressing it instinctively.
LB would be malee and mantle deflect for the button remap i have set up.

Again. Any other input icon is correct except for when it comes to mantle input deflecting.
So im usually watxhing myself get knifed in BLACK AND WHITE because im hitting B and my TAC COM is engaged.

Please please fix