TC, Please Fix JD / Demolitions class

I said it before and I’ll say it again: TC, please fix JD’s ammo!!

I don’t think this nerfing was well thought out. For one thing, JD / Demolitions isn’t the grenade class, the Sarah Conner class one is (maybe if this was done correctly the SC class would be more worthwhile too).

I didn’t spend a ton of coins to max out “Heavy Weapons Ammunition” card to see it turn into an extra grenades card. I never would have spent coins on that.

Also, some consistency please? Why is Demolitions’ extra grenades card a rare card, but Cog Gear and other classes it’s a common card?
The only thing that makes sense is to give his ammo buff back as intended, or make his grenade buff card also give him GL ammo. At least that makes sense.

Plus, this new nerf makes it so that classes that have ammo buff perks are all capable of holding 2x as much heavy ammo as the “Heavy” class, how does this make sense?

Finally, this nerf can be countermanded by the player through spamming tons of lockers, but that was already a “thing” for JD players, now you’ve just made them even more reliant on more lockers. That’s not fun, it’s tedious.

Please fix this.