TC please Don't nurf Gears 5

All I want to say is people are never happy. The game just released recently and people have no patience. Some players are complaing that the guns are too OP. Are you serious? I’f some one throws a granade isn’t it suppose to cause major damage? How about the gnasher is very awesome in this game. People complain they are getting killed quicky. What would you expect from a proper working gnasher? Always the same story in every game cry baby players who want to wall bounce all over the map dance around a weak nurffed (gnasher); its a stupid argument in my book. As much as I enjoy wall bouncing it has its uses, but the game shouldn’t be predicated upon one ability. It’s a shooter people. The guns are important and they must work effectively to make this game fun and fair. That’s exactly how COD was damages by fan boy snipers who wanted an edge over machine guns so they had to nurf every weapon so they can quick scope every one with one shot from close or far. That is frustrating and dumb people. The weapons in this game are all well balanced. Everyone can get a kill with any weapon they like . Not everyone is a gnasher fan boy. Some players enjoy lancering and chainsawing. To me the variety of opertunity to use every weapon and become lethal is great why would TC change that to appease a few cry baby players? I played the old Gears games and they were lacking in accuracy. The shots came from the center of the screen and players were able to shoot behind cover with out exposing themselves, so most of the time you never saw the enemy shooting at you, and by that time you did you were already guned downed. So you had alot of veteran hard core players that new every inch of the map and exploited those positions dominating every body. lol! Their was no balance, but ever since they chaged the mechanics to allow real game play and fairness ; some players have complained. I actually want fair play and proper functioning wepons that do the job. TC implemented new mechanics that allow the shot to come from the balrrel of the gun. Also much smoother movement than prior games, and ability to take shots from multiple angles and have more precise shooting that takes
real skill to master. For new players they can learn in training and even play campaign and multiplayer to where the can improve their skills ,and move up in classes. I see all that they have done is great. The big question is can they take it to a whole new level. That would be to make a whole New (Beast Mode). Perhaps they can add this as an expansion pack and fans of this franchise will love it ,because it’s one of the best and most creative mode ever made. It doesn’t take anything from Horde it only adds to it because it’s a Gears Univers where all these epic battles took place and all types of experiences in this Gears World are possible. Their is so much that this game can improve on. If some players in the community want a mode of play that is specific to a different style it can be created to work with in those parameters,and see what happens. This could also be challenge , but also an opertinitty to grow. It’s not
really a new thing, because they have done this sort of thing before. Like other modes that people love for example, wing man, gun game battles like the one where you just have a boltok , and it only has one bullet lol! How about the Gearsmas event where you shoot snowballs with the boomshot. lol! Nice! I love the Halloween pumpkin head event. Really Cool!! I think they should focus on all of their player base ,and give them what they want. If you make them happy they will buy the game and your content, but fairness is needed both ways. That leads to my only complaint that I see is that the store is over priced. It’s a pay to play game. It’s not free. Just cause you may have Xbox game pass that doesn’t make it free. You still need to buy a game pass not to mention the Xbox membership. You see where I’m getting at. Be honest people are smart. If you say the truth people will work with you and even help. If you make the content fair for everyone. Make shure their is no pay to win and all that BS like special loot boxes that have special guns. That would damage this game. A great thing to mention that TC hasn’t done these things. Which is great! I don’t mind if players buy cosmetics. Hell! We love them, but making them cost an arm and a leg is way much. It’s not like these things are physical items you possess. It’s rediculous. lol! Sorry but true. I have bought and played every Gears game except for Judgement. I can’t even transfer all of my suppose stuff. Yeah! All that awesome content. Gone! No use to me so that isn’t a good thing if you want a loyal fan base. All that stuff from past games shows my past achievement in Gears. That shouldn’t be. That hurts this franchise. They should allow for all these cosmetics to be available as a badge of Gears pride in climbing up the ranks. Shows all of what you have achieved in the game. That will not affect sales of new items one bit ,but only help it, because variety is great. If the prices are fair but most important that the developers are fair with their prices. I would like to see this franchise succed. It can only get their by giving their customers what they want and being fair about it. love this game. Thanks!


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No way am I reading that.


This wall of text though…


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I couldn’t read it all. Gears 1 veteran? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I got about halfway through.

Calls other people cry babies and yet here you are crying because they’re crying. lol

I can’t tell if you’re trolling or actually being serious.

Barrel shooting was in gears 3

In most of the games weapons had their own individual place, the gnasher was a slayer weapon in multiplayer and the first thing people got rid of in horde.

Your preference will keep a large portion of people playing MP for a few months, my preference will keep people playing for a few years as well as keeping the “buy whatever is new” players for a few months.

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I tried to read it but I need paragraphs so I can get my head around it


Next time try using bullet points or something instead of that wall of text, not many people will take the time to read that.

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To sum it up…stop crying about how bad gears 5 is…

I expect someone is gonna get a lot of Iron for writing that or maybe a free delivery driver mac skin from TC ha ha.


By that logic, one shot to the head should be an insta, two rounds to any exposed areas of your character should be lethal and force you to go DBNO.

Games have their own logic for a reason.

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Definitely not reading this… can this thread be closed because I think one person has actually taken the time to decipher that.

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