TC please consider these ideas

Ideas I feel in some way are necessary…

  1. Okay when the lancer is equipped we should be able to melee. Now I propose a double tap of the B button to melee and if you hold be down you chainsaw.

  2. Weapon switching when weapon is jammed.
    Explanation for this idea. I active reload I miss now my guns jammes for 4-6sec I should be able to switch and then when the threat os over (asuming I survive) I can go back to my jammed gun and un-jam it.

  3. Players with Spawn protection shouldnt be able to damage others. This is very annoying when playing KoTh and a player spawns right by the hill thats about to apper. If your going to engage in a fight and I mean shotting your weapon not rodie runing then it should be a fair fight?

  4. Assist counts on the scorebored. To many play for kills its a team game why not incorperate it.

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I agree with all of these except 2,
As I hate it happening. Jamming your gun should have a punishment. If you can switch your weapon then what’s the point?
And with 3 if I could change it. I would let the spawn protection time less if you spawned near the ring/objective. And make it you can’t damage others.
But if you spawned far from the objective you should damage others
That’s my opinion :+1:

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Yeh i suppose punishment for jamming is fair. I just get frustrated when I jam it my lancer and i know if i could pullbout my pistol I could finish off an opponent.

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Apparently, Lancer melee works on Scions but not so much with other enemies or real players.
If it was just melee by pressing B, I don’t see anything wrong with it.
Dunno why it wasn’t implemented.

Weapon switching while jammed, I don’t see anything wrong with this either.
I would kinda prefer if we could switch weapons while jammed so it could mask a character saying their full dialogue or we could deal with completely reloading the gun another time.
It’s also much more realistic that way too.

Another solution to spawn protection could be when a newly spawned player shoots their first shot, the whole spawn protection could disappear instantly instead of waiting few seconds.
There are times when your own team might be spawn trapped or going into combat too soon with invincibility.
It might be better off to have a balance between both, but I’m unsure on permanent solution.

I don’t mind the total assist score on score.
It could tell who is mainly supporting and putting as much Damage into enemies while not killing them, even if they are denied kills.


Some points may be repeated, but still…

  1. The Lancer should never, under any circumstances, have melee in Versus. It’s “melee” is the chainsaw, and the “delay” revving the chainsaw is what balances it out against other opponents, as it always has been. A melee replacement would just add more power and upset that balance.

  2. A weapon jam means you have been either impatient or failed an active, commonly the latter. It’s a risk you take, and suffer the consequences of failure. No handicaps. This is Gears of War, not Viva Piñata.

  3. This is interesting. I think spawn protection should disappear the moment you hit RT. Yes I realise it won’t change very much as you could still get close to your enemies, but in all fairness there is very little you can actually do otherwise to tackle this.

  4. It wouldn’t hurt if there was actually space on the scoreboard, and it doesn’t look too cramped. But personally I find it quite easy to judge the amount of “assistance” someone has provided based on their score against their kills.

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Agreed, lancer melee is a major no no!

Changing weapons after a jam tho, this could be interesting as it opens a possibility for another balanced trade off, jam up and wana switch before unjam, fine, but if you do, it now takes 5x longer (10secs or so?) to unjam as and when you wana switch back as you’ve allowed a problem to get worse and now need to manually clear the mech, you also will not be able to change again until the jam is cleared this time

How about:

  • Spawn players on different sides in KOTH when the ring is in the middle and then randomize it when it isn’t
  • Take spawn protection off quicker once they start shooting or even throw a smoke grenade
  • Letting us re-spawn with a active ready to reload with all weapons and not timing it out
  • Timing out the active reloads until we jam the weapon “that would actually make it more competitive”
  • Having only one type of weapon tuning and wall bounce
  • Letting us choose if ribbons pop up or not while playing, or show them after the match instead “if you decide to use any this time”
  • Choosing the less voted map instead one of the tied ones
  • Letting us have a map list to continue to the next map when hosting a private match
  • Save the primary weapon 1 or 2 for left or right D-Pad and not reset it
  • A always on or off cross hair feature in the options with choices of opacity settings, color, type and size “or challenges to unlock some”
  • Custom button mapping like other games I shouldn’t mention
  • Using x and y axis thumbstick sensitivity separately
  • Quicker weapon switching like Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
  • Showing the team-mates current weapon when using TAC-COM
  • Making grenade traps detonate faster or letting us set our own time for each type thrown and tagged “not on the enemy though”

I could go on and on with ideas/suggestions. But I want to go play some Gears. :v:

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Maybe, but I think it over complicates it. It doesn’t really need to be changed.

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The teammates current weapon tac com was fetured in GoW2 so yeh that would be good to come back. But these days anything like that the GoW1 babies say the games noob friendly. about to many handicaps

I would like X Y seperater too.

Some good things here but i cant see it happening as I imagine more players wouldnt agree with these.

what kind of solution was that, then why do we explain our ideas??