TC Please clear this question up ASAP

Ive just read in another thread that Character skins earned in ToD 1 once finished will all be vaulted at the end and we wont be able to use them in MP etc. Does this effect the weapon skins too?

I dont want to believe this because this sounds like gaming suicide, i cant imagine spending countless hours busting your balls to get all the rewards to then just be vaulted and made not available come Dec?

Please tell me this is misguided information - there will be people reading this trying to earn stars to get to general and if its all for nothing then that is where this journey ends i would imagine.

Fingers crossed this is pure nonsense.

From what i understand it will be vaulted. Whatever that means. It wont be in circulation for a long time im sure. Possibly re earnable in later events. But yea they gone bruh.

You’ll be able to use them forever once earned. But after this Tour is over it seems like they’ll be gone forever or at least for quite a while if TC doesn’t change the way this system works.

Garbage system if true. I doubt it tho. Prob offer everything for real money at a much later date. Can’t see TC turning down a quick buck with reused content.


Right ok so from this im reading it that the earned skins in ToD 1 we can use forever…,PHEW !!! The fact is if people dont attain these skins in ToD 1 then they are gone forever…now this would make sense because you have had to grind your ■■■ off to get them in the first place.

But on the other hand like the chap said above - at some stage they could appear as a purchase in store. I guess if you got to general and you rocking those weapon skins to see them appear for a tenner come 6-12 months time your gonna be real pi**ed. lol

Ok this has become alot clearer.


You know they will put the Carmines at the higher ranks when they come out. That’ll make a ton of people grind for them. I’m only interested in Lizzie tbh and Griffin (if he makes a return)


Oh man so pumped for Lizzie. I want her like uncle Clay wants a side if bacon.


Well TOD is a time sensitive thing. It will reset when the tour is over so you either hit general or you dont. Vaulted or not, your progress will stop. I wanted to grind to general for the achievement then I dont care about the TOD. Where I land. I land.

Are everyone’s ToD rewards the same?
I’ve read that TC plan to vault stuff a but forever?? No way - some of the skins I can earn in ToD are almost base campaign skins - Desert Camo JD and Del.

I can’t believe TC would NOT exercise a money making opportunity to sell something they have already designed!?!

tbh since they put out the rainbow skin the other day i have no desire to get to general now, For me the rainbow is better than any reward on offer in this ToD.

I dont know what they were thinking with plastering “Gears5” on the side of those general skins?

Brand ambassadors :rofl: