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@TC - PLEASE, change your course If you wanna make Gears of War great again!

I cannot hold back anymore. I really feel it is time for me to say something about this Gears game.
Let me point out, I am a GoW fan since E-day.
Even in GoW 4 times I posted that the Franchise does not feel Like it should feel. TC said so many times that you listen to the real Community and you will show in Gears 5. Well, I am confused…Gears 5 is sooooo far away from a great Gears of war game!
I wonder to which Community you listened?
Let me point out, I am 40+ aged and I know many real Gears fans are around that age.
We sticked to Gears because it was special! We felt the Franchise! Epic scenes made us feel with the characters. ALL that is gone! You made a childish 3rd Person shooter No one cares about anymore.
I wonder why. Because, I mean, Rod, you have been there back in the days! You should know what made GoW a great Franchise. I really lost my faith now!

There is sooooo much I could say, but there is already much content around that explains why Gears 5 fails to be a GoW title Game.
To be honest, I am already looking forward to Gears of War 6! Hoping all that what happens to Gears 5 makes you think seriously about going back to the original trilogy and make a Real GoW game!

  • Bring back Gore
  • give us original Universe characters
  • no silly Crossover characters
  • dark and scary graphic elements
  • iconic and unique Soundtrack

This are only some examples that made Gears Gears.

If you are not able to do it. Ask Cliff If he Likes to come back and put back Life in his baby!

Btw. Don’t think I don’t see that the game itself looks great. Yes…But Just not as a Gears game should look like :wink:


Cliff was the one who introduced half the things that people bemoan about five, he wouldn’t change as much as you think.

Besides, every game he’s made since Gears has cratered. He’s overrated. He gets way too much credit for his role in an okay game series.

True. I don’t like Gears 5 but one thing I hate even more is hearing about Cliff. I still can’t play Gears 1 and 2 on my main account because of corrupt server data issues. People want to remember the good ol 30fps days like it’s Happy Days representation of the 1950s. Everything was smiles and dancing, right?

Thing is, the framework for greatness is there, and that’s what’s frustrating about TC. They dumped a lot of the good stuff that already existed while also stumbling on the technical side. A lot of people can forgive one or the other, but both those things happening at once? … naw.


Cliff is retired and has no intentions for atleast the moment to return to any game dev.

Also that is not true. Lawbreakers was actually pretty solid. However there was a big skill gap. You were either good at it or you were not. It only released on PS4 and did not do well there. Its failure to gain traction is what sunk bosskey. Radical heights was well recieved but the studio ran out of money and was forced to close.

Whether you like Cliff or not he can make good games. You cant take that away from him. I am not advocating him coming back to gears. Gears 1-3 had a very good team. While Cliff had influence in the games direction it was a team effort and the team behind that series deserves credit for its success as well.

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I didn’t say his games were of poor quality, I said they cratered, They tanked. They were received poorly.

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OK, I misinterpreted what you meant. I stand corrected.

everyone has different priorities and options, for sure, for but ME:

I can forgive technical blunders (bugs, etc) - I won’t like them, but those things which will get fixed eventually.

What I cannot forgive are the deliberate, thought out, careful decisions to change the (versus) gameplay away from what used to make it unique and towards more generic and common, with the explicit goal of sacrificing the gaming experience of existing fans in favor of courting the interest of new players.

Things like Dana saying “The lancer is in a good place now,” what they think is right:

This is some real CoD $hit here, Dana… And this is what you people want…


Of course when I say bring Cliff back, I mean it ironic in a way. Of course it was not only him who created the Gears games I love so much. The whole team of 1-3 was responsible for it.
I mean… Can you remember when they brought out “The Art of Gears of war”? It felt like art! The characters, the Storys around them and of course the Design of the games itself!
Since GoW4 it is All gone! There is No artwork anymore. IT all looks so, I don’t know, “normal, middle-class, ordinary”.
The team seems just to have No feeling for Gears of War.
There is No SOUL! anymore.
To be honest, I wonder how many of TC played GoW back in the days…
The other thing is, during GoW 4 there were so many threads here about what wents wrong with the Franchise. Many of the old fans said sooo much.
TC said they listened. Well… How the hell can they bring Gears 5 than?! This is so far away from Gears of War…
I mean, Gears should just be Not like any other game. It should be a game for grown ups. Not for little kids.

As I said, my post was not supposed to show which technical problems are there…

It is just sad what Gears of war has become.
They really had enough Feedback of us and years to make a great game.
Don’t get me wrong, I know games must envolve, this is Not the point. But imagine what a great Gears game they could have made…

I Just want back the soul of Gears in a Gears game!
Fight Together! Not against eachother!

You remember?: “BROTHERS TO THE END”


They could have made a great Gears game agree, however they wanted to create a mickey mouse mixed with SESAME STREET thematics onto the game , it was so absurd that is catered towards kids with big daddy’s credit cards !!.

we no longer are the target audience at all.

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yes, I’ve said that many times myself. same feeling that I got after watching Phantom Menace - I’m no longer the target audience of this franchise.


that same feeling I got when I watched the newer star wars movies with kylo ren… that when I got to the point that such movies were not meant to be seen by me .

Ill stick with Return of the Jedi.

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What is this return of the jedi you speak of? I don’t remember… I only remember Empire… :slight_smile:

it was the last man from the original trilogy , its this one:


haha, I know, I know, I was trying to be funny… Return is my least favorite one of the original three, with Empire being #1

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I like them both = ) , only the new ones with kylo ren I find them boring as hell man jajajaja = )

yeah this is exactly like that. At least they are not disrespecting the old cast. In Star wars they made Luke and angry man and made hon solo divorced to Lela, it was basically man hating movie honestly i dont watch star wars no more after that.

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Hi @SaintGilliam

Me neither I dont watch the star wars movies anymore.

However I have heard somewhere that a new series of star wars will start with Ewan Mcgragor as Obi-wan and it will be about Obi-wan’s life after the Episode III Revenge of the Sith, it seems interesting and Ill give it a look to see if its any good.

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Can we all agree that jar jar Binks probably needs to be put into gears of war is the next character

I rather have BIG BIRD from Sesame Street , than to have Jar jar binks .

Meee-sah gonna execute you-saaah