TC please change how game score and map button works?

Hopefully this is an easy fix

Can we please change how select button works by changing it back to needing to be held down to check the scoreboard. This isnt the biggest issue but it is tedious to have to have the extra button presses to navigate the through the scorboard and the map layout.

The simple select then press B to get to map worked so well. And now its all this tap once to view and tap again to leave and hold to see map, its all extra pressing in the middle of a war zone.

Understandably players are either used to it by now or like it better but a toggle to change it back to how it used to be would be much appreciated.

Also the old way worked flawlessly while playing as Leader in Guardian. Thats my main reason i miss the old way. It was so easy to play strategically while keeping your eye on the map. And with the new way its just extra steps it feels.