TC please can direct to buy esports 11-14 characters & esports emblems 1-14 have yet to receive the direct to buy treatment

Please TC can you make esports 11-14 characters & esports emblems 1-14 the direct to buy treatment

@TC_Octus Please

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There wouldn’t be any point really. Gears 4 Esports is finished. The next esports tournament will be in July 13 and it will be Gears 5. Existing Black Steel characters will be obsolete then. Tc will focus attention to Gears 5 and possible new Black Steel or White Steel characters.

Love this guy!!

Just shows how dead the game is. Even with people trying to throw their money at them, the devs won’t even bother to make easy money.

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Yes, so people with low IQ’s can waste their money on a game that is all but dead now since Esports is finished and knowing that Gears 5 is right around the corner. Might I add, buying things that WON’T be transferred to Gears 5. Great post, keep up the nonsense guy.

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Please @TC_Octus for the love of Gears

Right around the corner? So when is it going to be released?

Rumor mill says first or second week of September…

10 September has been rumoured as the release date…

Don’t know how legit it is…

Interesting that the rumours and leaks point at September.

The source of the 10 September release date is from Asia. Do different markets have slightly different release dates like films and music (CD’s etc)? I wonder if 10 September may be the Asian release date and 4 September is for the US and EU? Or maybe early access?

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Hopefully we get some solid dates on June 11!!!

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Please @TC_Octus would like to complete my Black Steel Characters list please