Tc please answer and fix this

Ever since after operation 5 released you cannot access your character customization while offline. You can still play campaign and customs versus split screen or bots but now you can’t access character skins or weapon skins that you own. It was all there before op5. Please TC flag this and fix this. Why are we buying skins if we can’t even access them whenever I want.


Another thing I’ve noticed is that they’ve dumbed down the AI a bit more for vs since after playing a few TDM and FFA matches they now start to ignore most of the weapon pick ups except for grenades and boltok pistols…I don’t get what was the point in changing this behavior for the bots since it doesn’t improve anything but rather makes them more dull since now it’s just lancer and gnasher fights constantly.

Also to add on what you’ve said I’ve noticed that even if you’re playing arcade TDM or blitz offline the game will not let you switch characters either so you’re basically stuck as default JD and Swarm Drone forever.

Yes tc needs to fix this. We should be able to switch characters and weapons we bought or unlocked. Weird part is that we were able to do all the offline before op5. What’s up with that.


Apparently there is an old thread from a few months ago discussing this but as expected wasn’t addressed it seems like it will never be addressed at this point. Gears 4 bots were better and was more fair with custom offline vs against bots and allowed you to use your custom characters or weapon skins (except for pick up weapon skins which couldn’t be changed offline and was stuck with whatever last skin you equipped with)

For example if I had all black steel weapon skins set I would only be able to change the loadout weapon skins offline and change to whatever character I want including black steel while in Gears 5 everything has been taken away little by little with each update.

How can TC just not acknowledge things

Because that’s TC in a nutshell unless they get spammed by thousands of people complaining about one or two things otherwise everything else gets swept under the rug.


Ya I’m starting to see that. How is that even ok? If I am spending money with you and you won’t let me access them. Not cool

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If the servers ever shut down, I hope they give you all the skins with the download, and add offline horde/host connections for custom lobbies.


I don’t think they will considering gears 2 servers are still up

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Keep this thread going so they can flag and fix this please. My internet was down almost all day today and was playing gears offline and couldn’t even select my owned characters or weapons.

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Not a valid comparison when all previous games (except for Gears 4) were 100% playable offline without internet connection.

Man I Hope since OP 5 that they fix that , all the expensive chrome steel skins come on we payed money for it to support esports and own the skins and enjoy them play them or watch them even if we offline !!!

Ya let’s hope they do fix it but wouldn’t count on it

There are not enough people who care or even realize it , for me it’s a big thing because I collected all the stuff it’s a big part of my motivation and now I can’t enjoy because I’m thinking what for spending all my time and money, so many servers were shut down don’t think it last forever but the main thing for me is I can’t take the box to some offline places and play with buddies or just enjoy for my self the whole unlocked stuff not even that stuff I payed for , that rips me

Exactly. We buy these skins to own not to rent.