TC: please allow multiple weapon skins loadouts

Good morning all at TC. ( @N0DEZER0 )

With the huge choice we now have of weapon skins please allow us to customise each character with his/her/their own weapon set.

Surely this is an easy thing to do ? We had 3 “loadouts” in Gears 4 which was far superior to what we have now. Other games do it, Tf2 for example has around 8-10!

You allow us to set Banners, execution and emotes, all great (thank you) but I would and assume most players would much rather we had the same choice with our skins.

I have so many cool looking skins now but can’t be changing them every match.

I think a positive side effect for you guys would be more complete sets being bought.

At the very least please revert back to the 3 options.

Thank you.

Locust Forever.


I may be in the minority but I find the user interface for customization very convoluted and tedious. To the point I don’t fully understand how to equip or view certain things. I don’t even know how to rotate my character (or if you can)

Other than choosing the Character and the weapon skin… I didn’t care to even explore any further.

Because of this I’m swarmed by ‘new items’ indicators on everything… Which just reinforces my desire to not bother with it.

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Said this from day one… why take a step back from Gears 4 when we could have a skin loadout for COG and Swarm… its lazy


I thought they were fixing to add one button to equip an entire set. I thought he mentioned that on stream when Gears 4 was nearing it’s end. Still haven’t gotten around to that yet. So I doubt they ever get around to multiple sets either. UI quality stuff doesn’t seem to be high priority for TC.


I’ve said this multiple times, we really need this in the game!!

Some skins I’ve set for, let’s say on my Cog character, don’t look that great on my Swarm one. And vice versa of course.

Really hoping it’s in the next title update…

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To me it really is a classic “no-brainer” I mean how hard can it be? and how bloody stubborn do you have to be not to put it in/Gears4 version back in.

Why allow us to equip individual execution and Banners but not allow something many of us have asked for, for years. I will be happy to swap you TC, you keep the banners, emote and execution options and I will have the weapon skin options.

See also Locust returning to Horde, but that is a whole different thing.