TC please adjust Horde

I’m bored at work and feel like ranting :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s probably been said already but I’m going to say it again. I go into a horde match and all I’m seeing are the same things over and over.

1: First off, finding a room. Whenever I find a lobby that’s at the difficulty I want, the right map and has an open spot “Failed to join”

2: My biggest grip, buff certain classes and add more classes outside of paid dlc. Every single game all I see are Del, JD, Jack, Kait. Those 4 are the strongest so I expect that’s all people are using but it gets boring after awhile. It’s rare to find a lobby that wants to experiment or use something else. Once in awhile I’ll find a group that will allow me to use Kat over Del but that’s about it. I get into an elite room as CoG and I see they are missing a Jack. Then they want me to switch to Jack cause I’m playing the weak link. My jack is 17. If I wanted to play Jack I would play on masters where I have a higher chance of getting purples and golds. There’s literally no benefit for me to play 50 waves of Jack on Elite. I’m playing elite because I’m lvling CoG. Just because I’m not one of the top 4 doesn’t mean I should be forced to switch. I don’t want to “have” to bring those 4 to succeed. If you want to change up the meta don’t exactly nerf the top stuff, buff the weaker ones so we have options.

3: Fix the bugs. Mainly the lvl 3 barrier glitch and the disappearing weapons. I’m seeing people use the lvl 3 barrier exploit on advanced. I used to only see it once in awhile now when I play engineer they expect nothing else than that.

4: Buff the weaker classes. Could be considered 1: but Ill go into more detail JD and Kait have bleed which is the go to option right now. I’m not saying give Fahz or Marcus bleed but give them something. Double lancer or longshot dmg at least. Consecutive hits with the same weapon multiple dmg. When the swarm has double health it takes forever to drop a drone with my ordinary weapon. Why wouldn’t I use a trishot when it is the best option?

5: Adjust the perks purchased in horde. Scale them up depending on difficulty. +6k for 1% health isn’t going to make a difference how fast they drop us. 1% more dmg on a lancer isn’t going to make us drop them any faster.

6: Take away the double health+dmg modifiers now that I think about it. At lower difficulties I’m having more fun because I’m free to run around and do stuff. As mid lvl Kait I can execute people left and right without much danger. Then at higher lvl the game flips on itself. I cant get close to execute anything on masters so Im forced to take off all those stim perks, swap them with more shotgun perks and I’m sitting behind fences with an overkill. At a certain difficulty or a wave threshold were all doing the same thing. I like building a base but I don’t want to feel like I have to stay in the base. If I have to evacuate my base because of a matriarch I want to be able to survive if I poke my head out of cover for 1 second.

7: Fully flesh out the perks for the dlc chars. If your going to charge people for some of this ■■■■ at least give them as many perks as the chars that come with the game.

8: Fix cover. So many times I’m behind cover on the same elevation as my enemy and I’m still getting shot. Many many times Im getting shot, I snap back to cover and my arm or shoulder is getting hit. I have to further walk around the wall to avoid getting hit. If it’s half cover there is nothing I can do. If I have to block line of sight to avoid getting shot then why take cover in the first place? What is the point of a cover system if we get shot when were in cover?

9: Move around the modifiers. The first one should probably be the last. Everyone dies=wipe. It feels like the first 4 are the worse. More often than not, after I’ve done a map on masters and I host a game on a lower difficulty I’m using the last modifiers. I’ll take execution rules, enemy regen, increase cost over double health, double dmg, die equals start over.

10: Give us more enemies. Hell bring back the locust and lambent. Your already breaking canon with halo and terminator characters. Don’t tell me it wouldn’t make sense cause were past that point with your dlc.

11: Let us scrap duplicate cards or stop giving us duplicates. Overwatch had a problem their first year. The more stuff they added it made it harder to get new things when they were introduced. So they made it so instead of getting duplicates you got currency. Right now were getting perks that are maxed out and getting absolutely nothing for it.

12: I didn’t notice this until I started using the CoG class. Let me set the chainsaw button to something besides reload. Many times I tried to rev the chainsaw, the game thought I was trying to reload and it jams my gun. I can’t switch weapons when the gun is jammed so I have to roll backwards and take cover.

13: Have the swarm use more weapons. If we want a lancer we need a Marcus or CoG to give us one. If I wanted a boltok I used to be able to kill the bolter and pick up his gun. Why is there so little use of pistols?

14: Why can’t we smelt pistols and grenades?

That’s about all I can think of. I’ll probably add as the day goes on.

Back to work now >.>


Hey Evil,

I pretty much agree with you on this. I’m tried of Horde due to the same repetition. Was having fun trying to play Fahz, but the most recent update said he was getting a major overhaul. So, I stopped playing with him until they fix him. But yea, the Hero system is great I feel. It would just be better if they (Hero’s) were all strong so you could do different combo’s of Char.

Anyways, yea- I agree man. I am burned out.

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Pretty sure you got them all. With the current rank issues and meh escape, horde is the way to go but unfortunately it’s the same setup every single time and with the same boring characters with very few different skins to choose from.

The 20 waves was a good idea but one map only?

Finally the extra cost of the fabricator worked towards preventing sentry spam (kind of) but also killed the possibility of playing decoy or barrier build.

Now every game feels the same with the difficulty setting only changing the wave in which the team goes into trishot mode.

I think we should take out the double dmg and health modifiers because the swarm gets those past wave 30 anyway. Early Kait I loved running around retro charging things, then while I had stim jumping into cover with the shotgun. Once I got to like wave 40 I had to stop doing that but I had my fun by then. Another example is if I get a breaker mace with Emile. If I can get close without dropping in an instant it’s a blast.
The first half of the match I was moving around having fun. On masters that becomes unviable at wave 1. If I didn’t “have” to bunker down until like wave 30 or 40 then the other play styles become usable to a degree.

Part of this will work itself out with power creep as more characters are introduced.

The other part to remember is that a lot of people in public Horde matchmaking are simply grinding for ToD medals/achievements, and there are no medals or achievements associated with any of the DLC characters. So naturally you’re going to see more of the OG six, and naturally you’re only going to see the good ones (sorry Fahz and Marcus, you’re just dead weight). It’s a negative consequence of things like ToD and daily requirements: people are going to pick modes/characters they otherwise wouldn’t just to get their stars, then leave.

Plus, while you can beat Horde perfectly fine with bad characters as long as everyone knows what they’re doing, when playing with randoms online the “everyone knows what they’re doing” part is a toss up at best. People want a Jack because he’s a safety blanket against stupidity. I don’t necessarily blame them since that’s how the game’s set up, but it’s on TC to figure out how to better balance everyone. Jack/Del are simply too good and Marcus/Fahz are simply too bad.

If not for his higher discount Id take Kat over Del. I like that hologram and embars can kill downed drones before I get tri shot.

I dont think Marcus and Fahz are UP so much as JD and Kait are OP with their bleed and weapon lockers full of their weapons.

Jack just has too much going for him. Passive cloak, ranged revive, stun lock, smelting bonus. Hijack dangerous targets. No one can compete with that. The CoG class is a little bit supportive but not nearly as well as Jack. The ult I think covers the entire map. It has a massive range but it’s an ULT. You can’t use it as frequently as Jacks beam. The pistol headshot gives stim is ok but not game changing. Im not even sure if it gives stim to my team mates. I know when I get it but with all the gunfire going on in horde I cant tell if it’s helping my team. Im sure in escape it’s better.

Well remember that not everyone has Kat, even though most do due to Game Pass. And, like I said, people are incentivized to play as the original six for achievements and ToD medals; playing as the Reach characters, Terminator characters or COG Gear doesn’t benefit you in the same way as playing Kait/Del/Jack/Fahz/JD/Marcus.

Within that restriction of six characters, Del is the only engineer, because for some reason even though other classes can build other things, they can’t upgrade them and they can’t repair them without spending 10k. Then Jack, as you mentioned, just has too much going on for him. Not having a Jack player is essentially a willing handicap at this point. (Which I actually kind of enjoy, but that’s me.)

You might have a point about Kait/JD being OP, but honestly, I’d still sway more in favor of Fahz/Marcus being UP. There’s no reason for Fahz to not be able to get a kill off an active headshot on a drone in Elite on wave 11. At that point, why even have a sniper.

Agreed. I don’t want to see JD or Kait nerfed as much as Marcus receive a buff to both offense and tank ability.

Hopefully the overhaul for Fahz addresses his issues. It can become boring/frustrating playing as him very quickly.

On the issue of boring, TC just needs to release more characters and more cards for existing characters to avoid burnout. Preferably not on a drip feed.

Like I said up top don’t nerf the top characters, buff the weaker ones so they can compete. It’s not that Marcus and Fahz suck so much as JD and Kait are stronger. I think they need to scale things to the difficulty. Guns that seem powerful at beginner are utter crap on masters. Vice versa you don’t want Marcus to be tanky on masters and be unstoppable on beginner. Lord knows Marcus could use a buff or take Tank out of his job description. He goes down just as fast as everyone else. Other chars have better ways to generate stim.

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Wait. Fahz is getting an overhaul? Did they announce that?

They didn’t give any details. They just said

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Just to add, Marcus starts off weak but if played well and levelled up can be quite beastly.

I played with a friend who had a level 16 Marcus and all cards at level 4+ and he was excellent. The key is to provide buffs to team mates. Marcus may be a “tank”, but the reality is that he’s more of a Support and can help team mates really dish out damage. Marcus needs to be a team player, more so than the other classes and his Ultimate only affects team mates who are in cover as well as being close enough.

There’s also a card that prolongs his Ultimate whoch is really useful.

All characters should be able to buy sentries etc and help fix them and move fast while placing them around the map. I was del trying to build and fix things the whole time. I barely had any time to help kill enemies. It should be a team thing to help with everything not just del.

Please add Locust back! It would add so much variety plus more bosses to fight like Gears 3. That game did enemies right!

Plus we need more ammo box’s for harder difficulties. 100 ammo don’t cut it when enemies are harder to kill.

Permanente 20 waves playlist. It can be done on all maps.

I want to be able to still see and build between rounds. Instead of a black screen every wave. Make it translucent so we can see what’s going on. We can still move around but can really see anything.

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Well that’s a relief. I liked playing a sniper class in Gears 4/Judgment but I couldn’t make Fahz work at all.

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You can somewhat still interact with stuff during the score screen. Hold down select, whatever button brings up the map, and you can still pick up ammo, gather power from the tap or build things. You just cant see it. I grab ammo during the score screen and right after that screen ends the ammo is replenished.

I found that trick out the same day it came out. My 16 year old son showed me. I probably won’t have known if it wasn’t for him.

Nice trick. I didn’t know this specifically.

I knew you could move around throughout, and could do stuff after the wave ends like pick up ammo, but just before the scoreboard appears cos pressing the X button when the scoreboard is up selects something on the scoreboard.

Great post and great points. I hope TC is listening.

I’ll be honest and say I actually prefer Horde in Gears 5 to Gears 4. Mainly because there’s fewer waves of robots.

But, the class/character lock is still really annoying and to be honest it just feels linear, having something like the mid wave “objectives” from previous games would be nice.

I also mainly play Fahz, his gold card is useless and I also have a hard time making headshots when in Xray because the enemies are basically just big purple blobs.

I would prefer if his ultimate gave you set number of shots rather than a timer.


Yeah it’s a pretty neat trick that helps with ammo boxes. You can hold X starting before the score screen comes up, and you can still move using the A button as long as your name is selected in the results. Most waves last about long enough for an ammo box to pop up, so I hold X and run over to it to grab it before a new one respawns, and leave that for the next player.

Only problem is when you run over a weapon you didn’t want, and swap it for your equipped one by accident.