TC please address multiplayer issues

Why is it that if and when someone from TC does respond to a thread it’s never something that’s important? Ever since TC merged servers or whatever they did months ago the game is laggy 90% of the time. So tired of people winning gun fights with 300 ping facing the wrong direction. There’s some issues with gears 4 multiplayer please address them. I can’t recall hearing about shot delays, the crazy mechanics of the shotgun, or the lag issues in any post or videos posted by TC. Instead it’s competitive tuning 2.2000 or whatever number it’s on now, which brings up another problem. Why keep changing the movement? If you haven’t noticed the movement was nerfed then distance was changed slowly back in each beta? So why mess with it in the first place? Priorities… like fixing me being on east coast playing someone from across the planet. Or how about why people are even able to play a match with 1000 ping? Or maybe even try changing core? Nobody, NOBODY, like being downed with a gnasher 100 ft away.

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