TC playing Horde for the New Year?

So I was watching the Dev stream a few days ago, and was hoping to get anything about Gears 5 Horde, even if it’s just continuing. Their was something about it (the game vol made it hard to hear them) So not quite sure what it was exactly. But I would like to know which TC member is going to be playing Horde for their New Years resolution.

I would absolutely love to talk about Horde with them as much as I can, If anyone can remind me who and when they will be doing lobbies, please let me know. Horde is my #1 thing in Gears atm, once Gears 5 drops, I’m going to put 95% of my time in Horde. (the rest to VS or Campaign).

<3 TC

It was @TC_Octus, funny enough he said I could play :joy: he said that he wanted to start playing more Horde overall and so he can finally get his Seriously 4.0 finished, I’m so close too!

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I’d be really upset if Coalition man enters the battlefield as a sentry spammer…

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What about Horde were you have to progress through a map and not stay in one location?

That’s called campaign.

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Or Gears Judgement lol


■■■■ me side ways never knew thanks

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You’re welcome

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Any way I can join <3 <3 <3, jk but I would like to play or just talk about Horde and see were it can or will go in Gear 5 (without giving away what is actually happening)

Horde is my life atm for Gears. :blush: So being able to play with you guys and seeing if he can get into it will be amazing for me.

They’re not going to tell you anything about Gears 5 Horde. If you haven’t noticed, they’re very hush hush about the whole thing and won’t even discuss questions about content shown in the trailers.

Don’t worry though. Horde will definitely be back. At this point in development all plans are already made and they’re just doing the time consuming process of digitally building it all and working out the bugs.

Well not tell me anything of course, but I would just to talk about it as a general conversion. I’m actually quit glad they are keeping it vary quiet, makes me more excited about what is to come and what new things are to be seen.

So more or less, I just want to know his view on Horde as a whole, seeing as the majority of the community is VS, seeing a Dev perspective on Horde would make me feel more encourage to try to be more helpful in the community.

I would like to do vids and other things (I need to buy the stuff for it) or even stream and just ask questions, But I feel like most people don’t care about Horde that much.