@TC Octus we want a re run of arid gale skins for the guantlet and the descent not the hivebuster skins

I know lots of us wanted reruns of the new skins. Arid gale. Posting for my brother he is not great with words. Thanks.

If you are trying to contact Octus or the Coalition directly, you might have better luck on Twitter.

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Do you think you can represent all players? Many players want hivebuster skins back, and that’s why TC bring them back.

TC is on twitter, this place is just for show.

I want the hivebuster skins too but I agree, I want the remaining arid gale skins, I beated The Descent and The Hunters but the scoreboard is broken, these scoreboards on that hives didn’t update my score so I didn’t get the skins, I missed the Claw, Boomshot, Torque bow and Breaker Mace.