TC no surprise again!

Since it’s not the weekend I’ve played late at night to see how the game was behaving and to no disappointment TC typical service continues. From the beginning it was your internet then it’s because your on wifi, O’ wait your hardwired, not sure what the problem is other than the company MOTTO we’re aware of the problem. Let’s recap the past 3 days/2 years of the game. Gnasher a complete disaster(ruined), enemy still doing the soccer slide when crawling, half a magazine to kill a down enemy, lower ping players get advantage, Gnasher is like a boom shot and can kill you across the map. Which part of a shotgun do you NOT get, they’re a short range weapon. Which brings us to the next issue the shot registration is terrible. Today with the lancer I started at a mid to short range and eventually got very short range. What were the results you ask 19 hits with 92% damage and the enemy…what for it yes the gnasher one shot one kill 100%. Now not to mention not ONE but TWO weapon tunings…REALLY! I’m not sure as a company you don’t get it or just don’t care but remember this, us as players are your employers over time another company will come out with a game that will draw the gears community away. You want us to believe gears 5 will be better, as of now you have not shown us any sign of that which makes us believe it won’t be. I read most of your resources are probably going toward gears 5, I find that hard to believe because 2 years in the SAME issues are still there which tells me as a company you are not capable of handling a good franchise which you have degraded. One thing I’m willing to bet your PAYROLL has no glitches in it. Bring back the glory that gears was and deserves.


I remember the time I did 100% damage from two shots with the Gnasher, and my target still got to walk away after blasting me to pieces. Not DBNO, they just strolled away while reloading. :sweat_smile:

I have a ping of 5-30 and I am not preferred enemys whit 50-100 give me every time one hit and shot me over the map wiht two hits down and I make with 3 hits 83% good ping Player have no forward and that I can not understand that high ping Player give so mutch damage and good ping player have no chance.

You can see here

I had the chainsaw thing happen to me recently. A guy is just standing there so i get up to him to chainsaw him. Only, he suddenly teleports and is suddenly chain sawing me without a chainsaw duel.

The “can’t kill downed players” thing is pretty recent and wasn’t an issue before.