TC needs to... rethink WHAT content they release from this point on

If you guys, some of you do, know me by now. You’ll know that I have a big thing about legacy characters like:

-Armored Kantus (OG)
-Classic Onyx Guard
-Golden Hunter
-Golden Miner

You know… Those guys, plus much more obviously.
I keep bringing this up because I really am, for real, losing patience here. I want these characters now. Like in Operation 5. I know they can do it. It’s not a question about if they can. It’s a matter of “will they?”.

And honestly. Feels like TC is listening for the most part. But the one thing they are really slow at, is delivering these characters within a reasonable amount of time. I UNDERSTAND that we all want new content, but this legacy stuff needs to come first. Why? Because it’s popular. There is so much demand for these things to return it doesn’t make sense to keep making us wait. It just keeps killing the game and lowering the population. This is literally (In my opinion) the last thing TC needs to do in order for Gears 5 to be NEARLY perfect in my opinion.

It’s just so frustrating that I still am waiting for Golden Hunter, or Armored Kantus (OG) 1+ after launch. When I already have most of these characters in 4!!!
We all need to shout in one voice to push for this because right now, I feel like this is killing me. I want NEW stuff too, but frankly, I don’t care for it, and majority of people prefer the old stuff more anyways. Does that render the other fans wish’s useless? Of course not, but New content should come out AFTER the legacy and older stuff is here FIRST. It’s a matter of priority and of course their popularity.

I honestly do believe in what I’m trying to say and I hope the rest of you do. We are so close to making Gears 5 what it always should have been but we need this last OR rather one of these last things to come to fruition. And I’m hoping Operation 5 can finally do that since PvE got reworked and the game is more like Gears 4 in that aspect. Which is great because this should mean, more characters and skins for those characters. But I swear to God, If I don’t get Armored Kantus or Golden Hunter or one of my more favored COG characters aside from main characters imma be pissed.

I do realize though that a Operation is only like 15 weeks or whatever, so I understand even if they released a character every week, we only get like 15 skins or whatever. But maybe they should put more than 1 every once in awhile. You know? IDK. At this point I’m just ranting but you guys should understand what I mean. Sorry if you disagree, but this is how I feel.

Speaking of characters, what do you think is going to be the next Locust chrome steel in 2 weeks?


Skorge. It’s gonna be the same as Myrrah. For some reason these characters seem to be popular.


I understand the rest, but I’m never gonna understand everyones obsession with the golden hunter and miner, like why aren’t we asking for their base looks first? You know… without the gold?

The hunter is just another grenadier variant and the miner a drone variant.

I’d rather have the locust sniper next personally.


For some reason? Be respectful of your Queen!


Nope, ■■■■ her. Hated her ever since Gears 3 where everyone was playing Myrrah in Versus with her annoying voice and laugh. Really hope we get to stab her one last time in 6.

@cribbel I beg your pardon?


HERESY! You’ll be hung, drawn and quartered for your treachery!




I Want It All

To be fair Myrrah was fairly annoying.
I only played her in 3 to get the female hero medal.

I’m afraid your wants cannot outweigh the plans of TC by any means. If anything, you should pray that they consider such to be worthy of gears 5 as all hope is lost when it comes to wanting content.

Also Myrrah was ruined the moment they made her show any feelings for anything. She should have been completely heartless without any emotional rapture to the things she did or will do. To me she’s just a human who controls the locust with an attitude problem. Just like me.

And herr is already being a hater because he doesn’t understand women. I am going to enjoy this thanksgiving!


I feel that, they weren’t even the most popular characters during gears 3, but all a sudden they are some of the most legendary skins that need to be brought back, if anything the base versions maybe? But for a single thing of gold on each skin I’ve always failed to see the hype. That being said locust are ten times cooler and better imagined than the swarm and I wouldn’t even be mad if they only released locust skins going forward, swarm have always felt dumb and weak by comparison. And dont even get me started on DBs

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They need to release more than 1 skin in the store a week, there are too many characters for this drip feed. Can’t wait for Gears 6 to launch with nothing and we spend the first year and a half to just get all the content we will have at the end of 5 back

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Probably because the requirements for the Golden Hunter were pretty absurd. 2000 kills with each of the 5 starting weapons? Yeah, not everyone wanted to farm bots for that.

I did though, and used the golden hunter almost exclusively 'till I purposely reset myself because I was getting bored of Gears 3 lol. I’d love to see my boy back!

I just think its dumb people keep begging for the gold versions when we havent even gotten all the regular versions of locust yet. I really want savage series for locust to make a return, all their gears 3 models. Then once we get that sure, add the gold versions why not, but to beg for those above all else seems pointless, and yeah I had to bot farm to get them too lol, but still defiantly not my go to when asking for old skins.

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