TC needs to fix Kait's character for Gears 6

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Scouts don’t get power pickup bonuses now. Instead everyone gets a 2x power boost upon getting it until after 30 seconds of it dropping when it loses it. Which is a MUCH better way of doing it… putting aside that I think we should get rid of power pickups in the first place.

So TC have in fact fixed that problem where the Scout was the only power collector and an extremely tedious role to play, just like Jack and the Forge is now, and it was often the least picked and last picked role. Not created another mess.

But this is the wrong subject to complain about TC fixing a problem with Horde in Gears 5 that existed in 4.

I don’t know whether that’s a memory I want to let roam free or whether I should repress…

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Killed Lizzie? But Lizzie isn’t dead. Y’all must’ve gotten defective copies or something

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Maybe he was obsessed with Laura Bailey considering she voices both of them

Also as for the thread topic I don’t really have a problem with Kait at all and I like her character

The games themselves don’t deliver a ton of deep character development, the books have always been where we get more out of them, and honestly I like it that way. The games are more of the action highlights of the story while all the books take care of those who wish to dive deeper.

I 've heard women saying Ripley is just a male character represented by a woman. Dunno, As a child I respected her and I admired Newt, because I was her age and she was brave as hell!!

As a woman I loved (and appreciate) the introduction of women in Gears. But there was a problem…I didn’t like Anya and I wasn’t fan of Sam or Bernie. Then Alicia came to the scene and I felt so comfortable playing as her!

But then all these creeps playing the female characters for advantage or for their “waifu” obsession.,ughh. It gets kinda weird sometimes, but it’s not the mayority so…

Where were we? Oh yeah!

Kait… It’s strange. But not only her, but JD and Del as well. I liked how they grew in Gears 5 , specially JD. In GoW 4 they were a bunch of kids with no clue what were they dealing with (yeah,it was pretty clear).

I liked the ending tho…Kait seemed to find where she belonged or a real reason to fight for.

Anyway…Fahz is the best character xD

So here’s something I’d actually like to know… what exactly requires Kait to be changed to be a representation of “feminism”? She seems entirely fine to me as a female character(not a man) and does not feel forced(except the whole military thing I feel TC is trying to push on her character too much, I do not think that this direction is that great for the character because to me it’s not what made her interesting in the first place - the Outsider background did… Kait in Gears 5 feels almost like an entirely different character to what Bloodlines makes her out as in relation to the COG, and Ascendance somewhat as well).

But then I might also just be biased because I already like her and would have preferred if the story was less COG centric this time around even if it wouldn’t have made much sense in face of the Swarm threat.

I knew about the X2 for the Energy for the first Thirty seconds of it dropping, i am sure everyone knows that. What i was trying to say is that i miss the whole Scout thing, with all the Skill Cards and only the Scout collecting Energy for the Super Duper Bonuses the other characters do not get. But, to be honest, i just think i am being greedy, being an Engineer and all, i just want to build the best damned Base that is possible and more.
I had never thought of getting rid of the Energy altogether, whilst it sounds like a great idea, i do question your thoughts regarding the Engineer. Unless you want to get rid of all the Classes/Roles/Heroes thing, and go back to something like Gears of War 3 Horde, without the building full stop. This i like, apart from the fighting who gets the Ammo between Waves, surely miss those Weapons Lockers.

I never played as a Scout, but i do miss seeing the Scout running around. Gears 5 has, somewhat evolved, there are more character able to run around on the field now, such as Cole, he would pretty much be useless without the ability to run around. The Scout is dead it seems, so why have it still then…

Thank you for letting me know about the fix, to be honest i had not known, or noticed.

Every character in Gears has shown strength in their own way. Marcus and Baird through their resolve to lead, Cole in his unwaivering positivity, Hoffman in his unflinching discipline, Jinn in her steeled demeanor, JD and his dances with death, Bernie and everything about her, etc.

With Kait I think her strength comes with her innate rebelliousness (with Jinn as her foil). She wants freedom, but the only things keeping her from that dream are two superpowers who seek domination, either through rule or genocide. And any chance she can have to go against the grain, she’ll take it, even with something as petty as tracking mud into Jinn’s office (not kidding).

Kait herself is a confused loner who doesn’t know who her family is in the grand scheme of the new war. And the only people who have been by her side have been the ones wearing the symbol she loathed.
She’s an “Outsider”.

I think Ascendance and Bloodlines do a nice job of fleshing her out more, and I think strength is more than just who’s more “badass”.


This dude hasn’t read the books at all, and ■■■■ them lmao the mean girls comparison was the weakest ■■■■ I’ve ever seen.

The idea of Kait being this selfish, irresponsible “sassy ■■■■■”
Is just wrong. Read ascendance, read how she literally leaves the safety of new ephyra to save Eli and Mackenzie two young teens from the swarm. From the home she lost.

Everyone’s sassy in these games, JD, Del, Kait, Baird Sam, Fahz, Lizzie, jinn, Gary, and many more.

I didn’t see anyone tear Sam up in 3 when all she did was be sassy to Baird lmao. And that was her first entry.

My favorite line by her is. “Don’t mind him, someone took his teddy when he was younger”

Points are weak, yawn. :sleeping_bed:


It would be better if we could get the full picture about the characters without reading those books and comics… :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, it would be.

Think about all the Marcus lore that people miss out on because they haven’t read the Karen Novels.

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What Karen novels!? :open_mouth:
But still Marcus is seems like a badass guy! :grin:

Sure, but his character doesn’t exactly get a lot of development throughout the games, especially not in Gears 1, and you have to read the books(or dig through the wiki, or read posts of the more knowledgeable lore nerds on this forum) to get a better understanding of his character because Epic intended him as “fully developed” when introduced in Gears 1. Something that Traviss managed to squeeze a few things out of in Gears 3 though.

And I stand by my point that I do not see how or why Kait needs to be “improved” or “fixed” to be a ‘shining beacon of feminism’(:roll_eyes:) when that does not seem to be the point of her character… and she’s perfectly fine within the universe as it currently exists. You know, unless you want to push certain types of agendas or politics in a video game where they don’t have much business unless it’s subtle digs at certain things that don’t take away from the experience(which trying to be “progressive” with female characters isn’t in a few games where they’re just unrealistic and actually annoying - whatever people say though, Kait isn’t an “agenda pushing” character and has never been, nor is she a person like Sam who enjoys taking shots at a certain once blonde haired and now bald person all the time) or if they fit within context. What I see being suggested in the OP… I don’t really see the point of it within Gears, for Kait’s character

(Minor edit-in : the reason why I think Gears female characters are all perfectly fine as they are is because they are just, well… that. Characters, people, not some over the top representation of any gender that is just ridiculous and obvious agenda pushing like in other games.)

Right, I’ll stop now cause my thoughts are still a bit disorganized after a night of unrestful sleep and my post risks to be too messy(more than it already is anyway) if I continue. Damn heat keeping me awake(probably shouldn’t have played the RE2 remaster to its end until about an hour before I went to sleep either).

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I always found that weird considering TC made the character, so her dialogue can’t really be unfit for her.

I had problems with Gears 4 dialogue for classic characters, though. Even now, Marcus still laughs on chainsaw kill.

As far as I can recall their point was something along the lines that TC somehow didn’t really understand Kait’s character or didn’t know what to do with her, something like that. I was inclined to agree that some of her swearing and trash talk lines seemed off, didn’t seem like the way Kait’s character was intended to be in terms of behavior, if you get what I mean(albeit then I was only lurking on the forums and not participating in discussions), but then a lot of the Gears 4 dialogue was just generic over the top swearing and rubbish talk(so it seemed to me, at least).

Which Gears 5 thankfully improved on a lot.

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The rants are still there if you’ve paid attention.

You got me. I haven’t spotted him yet.

I thought Gears 5 ending was BAD
Preferred Gears 4’s by a MILE
And i am one of those who plays often as a female character.
They give me a feeling of being faster and nimble in the Game

Remember that Sera is not Earth. On Sera, humans are said to be “more evolved” and have less body hair. That’s because Epic didn’t want to put armpit hair on the Gears 3 characters.

Sera is simplified, and in some ways idealized. Cliff and Rod stated after Gears 1 that they set out to create a “United Nations cast of diverse characters and ethnicities.” Real life socio-political issues took a backseat, because the games don’t focus on that. They leave it in the background to remind players “you’re not fighting for good, you’re fighting for the lesser evil.”

The Old COG had the birthing creches. Women were paid in extra food and security to become breeders, and as if that wasn’t dark enough, some of the birthing creches broke the rules. The COG eventually lost them all, or disbanded them all, and nixed the idea completely when the COG dissolved. That was the one and only civil rights issue that was directly addressed by Gears. And they only addressed it in the comics, because the birthing creches were mostly gone by 14 A.E.D.

The New COG focuses more on social engineering. Men and women are back to being full equals, as they were during the Pendulum Wars. The only divisions are biological. Women have always been allowed to serve in the COG and the UIR militaries. We didn’t see women politicians in the Old COG, but a woman leads the New COG (and she’s just as slimy as Prescott).

We’ve seen how Outsiders resist the New COG, and many of those Outsiders were quite eloquent. Well-informed, even. Some weren’t. Others didn’t care. None of that matters now, because all the Outsiders are dead, or they’ve joined the COG’s military. The COG is once again the lesser of two evils… And the Swarm is more evil.

So what’s Kait supposed to stand against and oppose? The Swarm, and Jinn’s authoritarianism. She already opposes both.

Kait calls her own shots, listens to the advice and orders of those she considers wise, and she verbally dominated Jinn in Gears 5. What more can she do? Seize control of the COG and change the government’s diapers? No. If she survives the Swarm war, Kait will pull a Reyna (EDIT: and a Gabe) and found a new civilization. Until then, Kait’s already stepping up and taking responsibility.