TC needs to ban quitters asap

Just lost 4 rankeds in a row because my team keeps quitting, same thing happens to enemy teams sometimes, there are times were everyone quits and it’s a 1v5, this is my recommendation: if someone quits the ranked match for whatever reason he should get banned 24 hours from ranked matches, if he keeps quitting the ranked matches he gets banned for a week or a month, that’s how rainbow six siege does it, this seriously needs to stop

I think they should just get knocked down a tier, for example gold 3 to gold 2 if they quit

The system they had in Gears4 is going to be turned on for Gears5 which if i remember right starts out with timeouts that prevents them form joining games an increasing amount of time for each quit. And i think at the highest level of quitterness they get paired up with other quitters and those people just play each other.

Quitters and AFK are probably some of the biggest issues in rank.

Especially the ones that drop out after 30 seconds because they died once.

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Ive seen alot of people quit from corner camping just like cod. Thats why i stay away from verses.

the biggest issue with this though is that they can go play something else while they wait for their time out to be up

Locked them out of ranked match for 30 days and xp reduced to 10 percent of typical xp for 30 day. Example 1500 Xp only will receive 150xp instead of full amount. Just a idea.

lol… I hope that’s exaggeration

I don’t play ranked anymore just co-op as warm up then off too escape or horde.

Octus stated in a comment they are finding ways to implent people quitting in matches.

ban_time_in_minutes = 1440 * (games_quit_over_past_week / total_num_games_played_past_week)

I believe they’re working on a couple of rage penalties. One which is your typical lockout from MP modes if you quit. The other is xp debt, meaning that the quitter will need to earn back the xp they owe to be able gain xp and lvls again.

I think an outright ban is a bit much. You’ll only see the population of the game reach extreme lows, which will bring a whole other set of issues like finding games in a timely manner and TC opening the floodgates for region hoppers to remedy it.

Guys just a reminder that sometimes it’s the servers’ fault and not the players themselves quitting, I’ve been kicked many times in Gears 4 and 5 and when trying to rejoin I get an error message and here comes the unfair penalty :confused: