TC needs to add the option to mantle over teammates

So, since Gears 3, we’ve had the option to mantle kick enemies. It was refined in Gears 4. Now, we need to be able to hop over teammates. Too often do I try to escape, especially in Campaign and Horde, only to be blocked by a teammate.

Here’s what I’d like to see: If a teammate is taking cover, you mantle over them. Your character would try to mantle, and would instead use the teammate as a support weight as you do a longer mantle. Kinda like leapfrogging over them. If they’re standing in the way, you would try to mantle, and then try to wrap around them mid-mantle.

Neither of these maneuvers should interrupt what the teammate is doing. If anything, only their vision would be blocked for a bit as you get in their way.

Anyone think this idea has weight? Maybe it can be refined.


Yea, the teammate blocking thing is awful. Many games have the option where you can press a button (mele, dash, etc) to slip past a teammate in the way.

I can’t exactly picture Markus leapfrogging over Baird (nor would I want to) but I think getting around a teammate should be an option.

LOL now that’s just hilarious.

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I’d like to be able to execute big guys, like Scions and Guardians (without grenades).

Teammates blocking the way with cover is truly a pain when you’re scout.

I hate when i am running and press F and my character is about to hurdle over cover then someone walks in front of it so it makes me just run right into the cover

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I just want to be able to get out of the spawn windows on Blooddrive. I’m always the guy stuck at the window while others jump out around me. What causes that? I think latency has something to do with it.

Me during round start on blood drive.


I have a little mantle trick that helps, I slide to the window and hit the mantle button as I’m sliding. Often vaults me to the front.


Back when playing in the previous trilogy, I thought it would have been cool to chainsaw a boomer, with it taking 2-3 cuts, working through appendages.

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Sounds like a horror movie.

Imagine all the blood!

What do you mean wrap around your teammate if they’re standing in your way? A gif of what it would look like would be helpful. I think this is a great idea

Can’t really explain that one well. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with gifs.