TC need to fix teleporting enemies

I’ve been very annoyed recently when playing as Cole by the constant teleporting enemies. I’ve been wrongly downed a few times simply because a drone teleported right before I was about to tackle it. Surely I’m not the only one with this problem. Right?


Its a constant source of frustration for myself and @Team_Sleep94 when playing Escape, along with the game prioritizing jumping over cover when running and pressing the melee button instead of attacking the enemy.


I’m admittedly happy I’m not the only with this problem. But I’m also unhappy that I’m not the only one with this problem haha. Hopefully they get it fixed soon. I’m legitimately almost scared to play Cole right now.


Tip for ya. When tackling near cover press the directional stick before you tackle the enemy. So if you are running to tackle an enemy infront of cover hit the directional stick left or right and hold it and immediately push B for tackle. That should stop you from jumping over the cover and fully commit you to the tackle. As for the teleporting enemies well you guys are on your own there .

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I use mouse + keyboard but I appreciate you trying to help :slight_smile:

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Damn you keyboard warriors lol. The method should work the same way on your keyboard though you know hit the direction key before tackling. If not well that fracking sucks. Well its there for anyone else who ISNT using a keyboard lol

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It is definitely good advice for the vast majority of people that use a controller :slight_smile:

You only mantle when pushing forward on the left stick.

Shouldnt keyboard work the same, ie if u dont push the forward key u wont mantle?? Remember now im a :clown_face:when it comes to pc wizardly stuff. @GhostofDelta2

If I dont push the forward key I wont jump forward to tackle them. instead I will slow punch.

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Wow, so if u are pressing run and forward then release forward they just stop running? That would get annoying fast…

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this is not only a cole problem.

All stunlock melee close to covers, AI may re-location as they are trying to slide back into cover .

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actually controller is the same, when u sprint and melee in front of covers, you go over it.

Actually very useful if you wanna kick someone back from a small covers, just bad for cole as he judt wanna tackle.

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