TC, my main issue is the long distance Gibs

I have played Gears forever and have mastered the gnasher. I know how to use it with all the fancy bells and whistles lol that’s not really the point but wanted it to be said for context.

I feel like this game is Gib City. Seems like any Joe Shmoe can walk up and randomly gib from any distance. It starts to get really annoying (especially when they hump the ground or use Executions on you)

Wall-bounce and strafe to get CLOSE has what made Gears fun. I can’t explain what mechanics are at play but when I’m using wrap-around shots, wall-bounce, up-a, back-a, roadie strafe etc. there should be no way in hell Johnnypokemon1235643LA should have a freaking prayer!!!

Yes I play well, get MVPs, etc but that’s not the point. It makes me not trust the game and makes it less fun and competitive.


I agree. The kill times have dramatically increased. The Gnasher battles have become too quick and boring. You have to be very lucky now trying to clutch in a 1 vs 3, especially with that stooopid melee.

Although the Gnasher is apparently at it’s weakest ever in Gears 5, it’s been made easier to get kills. It feels like they haven’t put a enough of a decaying factor for Damage/Distance, it’s just set Distance Damage e.g at 5 feet = Gib, between 5-10 feet = 2 shot down.

I think an interesting idea to extend gun fights would be if they reduced the instant gib range and then have a “damage enabled gib” at the current gib range. Therefore, instant gibs would be roughly half of the distance they are now, but if you damage the player enough then the next shot providing you are in the damage enabled gib range = a kill.

This is because people could not understand the lower gib range in 4. Didn’t everyone cry about the 83%?

Ryan Cleven talked about this recently where he is dammed if he does or doesn’t.

This is why lol. misunderstood as heck. btw none of the shots in the video were ever supposed to be kills.

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Anyways, this is the number one reason along with aim assist why I do not play the game.

I just cant stand the fact that i learned to play at lets say “ferrari” level and now im being forced to ride a little bike with training wheels.

it’s like someone who can do all these soccer tricks or bball tricks then they get banned because other kids can’t handle it.

the simple fact that this game is nowhere near the other gears games just kills it for me. gears 4 wasnt my favorite but certainly playable.

at this point, i’ll stick to 4 and carry that until the next gen comes out.

Halo Infinite come and save me.

I read somewhere that TC wanted to decrease the gib range but if they did there would be a lot of complaints about “sponging” and “gnasher is broken”

Yes, that is what i was referring to here:

They were wrong to take it this far but the community is also to blame.

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