TC messing with bullet magnetism again?

Shotgun shots not registering? Not at all. I have to shoot 4 perfect close GIB shots to get 1 GIB. And sometimes not even that. It was Ok and playable yesterday. Obvious something has been changed once again. Horrible game play. Another reason this game went down the tubes. TC keeps adjusting gameplay every other day. Game is not playable right now.


No nothing changed.

am afraid to say but something changed… I got a lot of clips showing that gib range and magnetism have once again been messed up. Many shots are vanishing in front of the opponents, up a is not working as before a full gib now does 88%, not even chunk

I will upload the clips later


Yep, the shotgun was definitely messed with again. In operation 6 , I rarely had any 1 hit 98% shotgun shots in a game and now in operation 7, I get 4-5
1 hit 98% shots per game.

Between this and removing the ranking tiers, operation 7 has been a major disappointment

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@TC_Clown This is all your fault isn’t it?


@Aloha_its_Kyle are you having issues?

“Negative” - Lt. Kim

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Then I shall laugh at the ppl above

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The standard should be if Kyle has problems. If he doesn’t, the game is fine and everyone just needs to aim better; if he does, the game is seriously broken.


They messed with it and forget to make an official announcement for it in the patch notes. It’s pretty bad.


Honestly …the standard should be me since I been playing gears since 2006.

I’ve seen gears at its best, I’ve seen it at its worst and everything in between. I’ve played through every beta , game release and more TU’s then you could imagine. Trust me when I say …I know the game when it’s broke…
Operation 7 update broke the game once again…
Then ppl will complain, TC will address it 2 months later, fix what they broke and rinse and repeat…
This has been the same scenario for the gears franchise over a 15 year timeline


@Bleeding_Pepper @TC_Clown


What changed is the daily event now reset at 12pm.est instead of 10

Please tell me you are being funny


Nope. What’s funny is you’re probably the same age as the amount of years i’ve been playing gears

Also please stick to the topic
Thank you


I’m pretty sure they reduced bullet magnetism, it’ s fine right now you can evade shoots and not be killed by a player shooting to the sky

I have a similar thread about this regarding the lack of details of said change. I can’t stand when they don’t explain what they actually did. Nobody can adjust their gameplay properly without knowing or doing extensive tests which a lot of us might not have time for.

What happened to the animated gifs from a few Ops back that displayed the changes to the Gnasher? We need something like this again for this change I feel :man_shrugging:t2:

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I absolutely agree

This games all connection based.

No matter how they tune the gnasher it will always have issues.

It’s not terrible but it’s not amazing.

My opinion is that op3 had everything right - as far as PvP.

My conclusion is it’s always been connection based.

Probably because it’s a gory 3rd person shooter with loads of emotes ? I’m unsure as to why.

Gears games have always been heavy connection based - which determines a lot.

It’s frustrating

At this point be mad but don’t stay mad.


Definitely a valid point

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