TC managed to make Gears5 worse than GOW4

Coming from a die hard Gears fan who has played every game, gotten nearly every achievement, and still consider this my favorite video game franchise outside of Grand Theft Auto…I cant wait for Gears6 and may never play Gears 5 again after Microsoft and TC managed to somehow make a far worse game than previous installments

The campaign was awesome, a lot of fun venturing the open world, stocking relic weapons, and learning the origins of the swarm/locust and Kaits place in all of it. But everything else was an absolute disgrace.

Horde is same old same old with new super hero abilities, but is it really an improvement on Gears 3’s fortification ranking system that had players eager and happy to grind and level them up to get to the optimum loadouts and setups? The silverback? Come on?! Horde was average at best in Gears4 we begged for the return of Locust/Lambent and still nothing all the way to Gears 5, a game that did not do enough to really set horde apart from Gears4.

Then they over-hype one of the most boring game modes I have ever witnessed and ever played in Escape Mode…lol really TC? Who the hell are these dumb characters? Delivery driver mac? Wtf. When we used to have BEASTMODE where you could wreak havoc with locust characters we have never had access to like Boomers, Maulers, and Berserkers among many other awesome characters. But no we get frickin Escape mode? Boring, yet they make it and horde two super boring modes the focal point of the game by instilling grindy challenges to rank up the Tour of duty system and unlock content. LOL again I ask how did they managed to decline and regress after having some of the best modes, much better modes in past Gears games be replaced by absolute trash modes like this new not better horde mode and escape mode…can’t even say escape mode without laughing my ■■■ off at how bad it is and how a lot of people somehow like it (to each their own I suppose) must be little kids.

Then there is multiplayer, the bread and butter for most hardcore fans and yet again they managed to somehow regress. The gnasher hit detection and overall tuning had been hot garbage since launch and in a game where on the map district they mock their horrible gnasher tuning on Gears4 on a soda poster that reads “83% pure” or something along those lines, clearly pointing towards those 83% shots that should have been a gib on GOW4. Now even worse instead of 83% we get 99% and some times multiple hits for 90,92,95,98,99 etc. That’s like a teacher failing you for getting an A+…how are we supposed to do any better when the player who just got lit up, 1 shots you sometimes at even a further distance only to reveal you got 99% on 1 shot…??? The lancer as well went from a tactical weapon that required perfect accuracy to get players down with on GOW4 (on ranked/escalation not nooby core/KOtH settings) but now it’s looked at as a crutchy weapon that easily downs and absolutely lazers people…again why do they feel the need to regress and make good competitive settings that require skill and precision into a weapon any noob can get downs with???

And the absolute cream of the crop…the absolute HORRENDOUS, HOT STEAMING GARBAGE that is the Tour of Duty system aka Pay Money or grind your life away on forced gamemodes/challenges. They hyped this up claiming "no more RNG lootboxes!’ hooray!

First of all what the flaming hell is the daily “supply drop” we earn at the start screen? Isn’t it a random item earned from a pool of other random items? Aka a frickin loot box? Yet it’s even worse as it only gives you a single item instead of multiple items. Lol nice try TC but you guys failed at that one.

These sly companies either force you to spend your time or your money in order to unlock items now a days. I would have no problem with that if they wouldn’t force you to play the horrible aforementioned modes escape and horde that are boring snd waste of time for a lot of us OGs who have life’s, jobs, families, hobbies etc.

And ENOUGH WITH THE USELESS FILLER CONTENT!!! NO one cares sbout blood sprays, banners, or emotes. Emotes in frickin Gears of war? Really!!! Again another feature that absolutely ruins the game and takes away from the realism that made Gears the amazing franchise it is or once was.

I mean literally atleast 80%-90% of the tour of duty unlockables are filler, or recycled content from campaign. And they expect you to grind challenges to unlock them, whereas other games would have you earn progression by simply playing the game over time ranking up tiers. They give us a weak starting roster of characters and expect us to be satisfied by the few decent non filler items in the TOD system being recycled campaign content we have already seen/used how cheap can you get?

I can hop on gears 4 right now with a new profile, play whatever mode I want have fun and as you rank up you earn credits used to buy supply drops earn scrap and by re-up 1 (where you actually get solid re-up rewards!) unlock atleast 1 maybe 2 gold items, and at this point there are so many heaps of great characters and skins to choose from on that game. Yes RNG boxes sucked but Gears4 was by far the best game IMO as far as RNG % go, in other words you earn gold items and purple items more frequently and could then earn scrap and buy whatever you want. Save up your boxes for a new event and every time even as an average gamer I could obtain atleast one if not 2 or all of the new items when they would have the events.

I literally gave up on the TOD system when you look through it and see the first 50 items are 90% trash. Bloodsprays emotes, banners just pure filler garbage and they must be idiots if they do not know that.

Then the most recent event being a Terminator themed horde mode challenge that rewards a blood spray, banner, and gesture…no skins, no characters lol That’s totally worth grinding for! Please include more of these useless items TC! Great marketing by the way on the bloodsprays Microsoft! I’m sure plenty of people play Forza now because of it!

And finally (although I’m sure I’m missing plenty of stuff) a ranking system that somehow punishes players for playing OBJ and winning. Using some mysterious algorithm that us players had to reverse engineer only to find escalation for example grades players and gives players rank points for doing well per round. I’ve heard from players going 50 kills and 18 deaths in a sweaty competitive win manage to regress somehow due to a few poor rounds where they died more than they got kills/negative KD round on a few of the last rounds. Y’all know this system is broke. It rewards those who manage to play well on a losing team and punishes those who have a decent top 3 line and play agressive in order to be on a winning team. They expect perfection?

Again in conclusion this game has 100% in fact managed to regress and get worse from the previous installments and the horrible content injections and microtransactions are destroying this franchise. Delivery driver mac? Keep with hair? And tattooed Lhani? 3 characters we know nothing about, and honestly are nothing special. Where is Dom, Cole, Baird, and others? They will slowly drip fed to us over the course of the next year and forced us to grind our lives away for or now spend money for.

I know it’s still early in the life cycle but damn this is unacceptable from a billionaire franchise like Microsoft/Epic games. Frightened for Halo next year. Frightened.

I have not played this game for over a month and even the new Terminator characters (again TC/Microsoft doing whatever they can to make a dollar) and the warden/raam/cog soldier/deebee is not enough to make me and plenty of other OG diamond ranked gears players get back on again.

TC is losing its fan base and sadly the ones that are left continue to like and support this broken ■■■ game.

On to gears 6 see you in a few years…unless they get it together! Fix the tour of duty, make it less grindy and forced. Not everyone has the patience to grind horde and escape for hours to get medals. And why should we when you reward us with trash. Tune the weapons better.

And I won’t ever play again if they don’t fix the ranking system, that ish is worse than broken. Makes matchmaking a nightmare, again coming from someone who was diamond ranked on GOW4 (good not pro player).

We will see what happens but damn this game is Doo doo

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Because forza isn’t using emotes etc systems either, escape is the only mode that’s fun and works currently, I hate gears 5 but you come across to me as childish with complaining that getting 5 kills a day is Grindy or some kind of pay wall, I’m general already at max 1 hour a day maybe.

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As good as Gears 3 horde was people were on n here complaining and saying “Epic you need to figure something out. I saved for 5 rounds to buy the silverback/hammer and someone stole it or used it”

I actually think this horde is better than 4s. The biggest issue is character locks. Remove this and it would make a lot of people happy


Some are easy sure. Bro have you seen some of the other challenges? Even from a multiplayer guy there was one challenge that required like a million damage lol but that’s not grindy enough for ya. 10million damage on a mode no one wants to play that feels like recycled garbage from GOW4.

And for those to reroll challenges you almost HAVE to spend money on iron to do so.

They force you to play horde and escape to earn medals,when they should implement a system that far more successful games use where your overall time played earns you progression towards the next tier.

I have no problem grinding for the right rewards but the investment is no way worth the rewards. The way they do it comes off as begging/forcing players to play their new modes.

You get 1 million damage or more per master difficulty boss wave sometimes, none of the challenges are Grindy at all lmao, you just don’t know how to play the game on any game mode.

You just gave me a great idea.

Next character pack:
Transforming Forza Cars.

I liked 4’s Horde but always thought they needed different factions to fight every 10 waves, including classic Locust. Maulers were so fun.

I’m trying to like 5’s version but it’s tedious even without the almost nonstop glitches and connection issues. The lack of content, restrictions placed on players, and unrewarding grind don’t help.

Beast or similar in 4 would’ve been great. I doubt TC has that planned in 5 but it would be fun as hell. Abilities could be recycled if they just wanted to make an inverted Horde. Skins, models and sound sets already exist as a resource. Hero RAAM with a Kryll Ultimate?

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I don’t read books. Just saying.

Needs more pictures.

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