TC making game play impossible!

TC is known for killing the skill gap. The April 16 up date added too much bullet magnetism for Xbox players. And reduced bullet magnetism for PC players.

Besides the over the top spongeing, My shots get such low percentages with multiple shots. Or just going right threw players! Insane TC would adjust gameplay for PC players that way. Making PC players work twice as hard trying to get a GIB. And the bullets that wrap around walls from Xbox players are stronger too! Come on TC!, I’m tired of bringing apples to a shotgun fight!

Rotfl. Ive heard it all.
Your on Pc. My friend plays on pc. His shots are twice as powerful ( his words).
You get no love or pity from console players. Thts for dam sure. You dont bave to deal with HALF the bs xbox players do.


Well as far as lag comp goes, I read in another thread that TC has a setting to be able to search within certain ping requirements. I can’t remember the name of the thread, but the OP was saying that as a low ping player he was able to find other players with low ping and that the game played much smoother, way less bullet sponging, less inconsistency, etc.

It may be worth checking that out and see if that makes a difference!

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I remember that time someone claimed that players with higher pings got extra damage and health buffs. They even challenged us to get TC to either admit or to officially deny this claim.

When one of the moderators put this to TC and got a response (a denial) this person refused to accept it.

Those were fun days.

that was a good 1 man. Lost the bet and refused to donate the money to charity

I definitely dont think this is true

Don’t think this is pc or xbox related dude. It affects everyone and depending on your connection may happen constantly.
Welcome to gears of inconsistency.

Although this being tc if othe pc players start reporting this then they may have tunred of magentism again.


The setting you’re referring to is under Options > Matchmaking. The “low ping” option prioritizes finding a match where you will have a low ping, even if it takes a little longer to find such a match. To my knowledge, it does not try to make a match where all players have a low ping.

My recommendation for you its to get a console then, it works great out of the box and its UL certified which means it has the highest compliance for security standards.

It is not how high or low the ping is that makes the game inconsistent. It is the people that insist that they get to play with an unstable connection and severe packet loss.


If you suffer from severe packet loss everybody that has a stable connection still receives all your packets but you don’t get all of his back because that is the last piece of information that gets sent to each player.

If when you play Gears you see your ping fluctuate up and down by more than 20ms you are most likely suffering packet loss. If it is not your fault that this is happening. Meaning that you have removed all the possible problems that you can like using Ethernet to connect your chosen hardware to the router, the same between the router and modem and make sure your router is set up properly. A day of googling snd adjusting settings in route router can make a huge difference.

After you have done all of that and it still happens then it is your internet service provider that is causing the flucuation and packet loss to happen. Switch internet service providers and if you can’t switch then PLEASE play quickplay games where nobody really cares if they lose the game or not.


Lag comp is real for single digit ping players. It happens 99 times out of a 100 where i play exactly the same yet im getting stuck on walls. My character is NOTICEABLY SLOWER and input are literally twice as bad. ( i cant say, inputs are unresponsive because they are baically unresponsive no matter what my ping is.
Ever since op.3 ive adapted.
And when i say ive adapted. I mean. I have gotten used to having to double and triple TAPPING MY A and X button.
p.s. THAT B.S. ISN’T NORMAL And ia probably another reason why this game feels sooo dam slow


I know. The way the discussion was going, was that there was an acknowledgement that lag compensation existed and is a thing. TC have never denied that. But for this person to outright say that players with higher ping got health and damage buffs was a bit silly (okay, very silly).

I seriously doubt that! Besides. It’s a message to TC. I know it’s an Xbox title. But gees.