TC made an interesting Jack change

You can no longer grab ammo boxes and stow them away in the base. As soon as the box respawns, if the box in the base isn’t picked up yet, it despawns.

This was definitely a change that needed to be made. 100%. Thank god they fixed this game breaking issue.


I can see the reasoning behind spending dev time on that.

for real tho spending an hour on creating a d*ck out of ammo boces was the best part of the defensive jack build imo


I’ve seen other creative Jack ammo box art. Some used the breakable carboard boxes on Checkout with the help of a hijacked enemy or other player to create a magic/satanic box of possessed ammo crates that would fly out when the cardboard got destroyed again.

Not always helpful when “Jack art” resulted in ammo boxes blocking your view on cover pieces.


Me putting ammo boxes on the slide of that Icy map…

Why though? As far as I can tell no matter how much ammo boxes you were stacking, perfomance wasn’t influenced by it.


you’re asking far too many reasonable questions
please be quiet and eat your Hoffman skin, It’s getting cold.


I’d imagine because they didn’t intend on your team having essentially infinite easily accessible ammo.

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Then they should remove lockers from the game. With a good team ammo (and without a Jack around) is never an issue even in early waves. And JD can (probably) still do the same with Good Kill.

Speaking of, do GK-boxes disappear now as well?

Difference there being lockers are a heavy resource investment that can also be destroyed. Piles of ammo boxes in your home base aren’t.

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with the change, just stating the most obvious reason why they’d do it.


I’m actually in favor of this change. In theory this gives Jacks less things to waste time on and more time to contribute beyond “lmao idle-medic in the back”. Doesn’t stop randoms from doing it, but whatever.


Yeah I was wondering about that, me is sad jack now, what am I supposed to do between waves ?

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Body seems unclear.

Help repair stuff. perk up, maybe share the yellow stream of love with your fellow Gears. You’ll find something


And yet another nothing post just to throw in your “Locust in PvE” line.

Dude, we get it, you REALLY want them in PvE, but you gotta keep posting it on every thread no matter the topic or discussion at hand? Why not just keep that to one you’ve already created to prevent derailment and spam? FFS…


Surely there are more important things for them to spend their time fixing such as the long wait times in the safe rooms which started with Operation 5.


Blademaster’s Efficient Executioner doesn’t have disappearing Pilfer Ammo Boxes, so I would assume Good Kill doesn’t either.

They don’t, I used it as a Demo on Speyer this morning.

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Thanks for confirming . Makes the change even more baffling though.

Eh something else is happening to jack. More likely a visual bug or something but its happened a few times now.

I am cloaked and an Ice-scion took me out. I looked around and non of my team mates were behind me or anywhere near as I thought thats why it happened but no one around or even near to get the Scions attention. 3 times in 1 horde match I was taken out by the cryo cannon.

Might be nothing but ill keep playing to see lol.