TC, Let’s Talk About XP. (Again. For OP5)

Just played a multiplayer match - KOTH - and how do I not even go up one level? Lol. With boost active. After I I just re-upped. Starting at level 1 too. With 2xp in ranked game modes. MVP. 3 rounds of sweat (just the first round down 3v4).

Destiny 2 with throttle in my light levels felt more progressive than this Operation has so far.

I digress. I guess.



Makes me appreciate my friends who are re-up 30+ for the amount they played.

I only have 7.5 days for MP, escape, and horde. ‘Tis a commitment.

Yep. Multiplayer XP is a joke.

The only reason I can think of as to why, is so people don’t use multiplayer to boost XP. If that truly is their reasoning, I guess I can see their point. But, they could always cap the amount of XP you can earn in a single match(say 50,000). This could keep the XP boosters away from multiplayer, but give the actual versus players something to play for.


You need to play horde or escape to get any exp.

Why you don’t get exp for fighting REAL players is beyond me…

That’s the one issue I have with PvE to PvP.

At least make it fair.

We don’t have all these power up & cards in PvE.

All we have is the skill on our back.


Yeah like @thepack1221 said, I forgot about boosters. But if that small percentage of people were doing it - TC could come up with a better solution.

With there being 50 re-ups, it is a journey to progress IMO. I remember in GoW2 to get my wings I had to grind hard with the XP events and got it on the last hour of one of the earlier ones. And even that wasn’t anything like this. I thought 4 had a good prestige system.

For 5, I get out of one reup and here is a joke of a weapon skin as a reward then onto the next. :cold_sweat:


We were supposed to get changes to the Reups with Op 5 based on my own last information. There seems to be a TU coming in December(so this month). So it is a possibility we will be getting them then, given that TC alluded to Reup rewards in one of the Op 5 news posts.

Hopefully they’ll fix the XP requirements while they’re at it. Even as a strictly PvE only player, they’re beyond ridiculous. And by fix I mean actualy fix and not just add more Reups and spread the total grind out over more of them.

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That would be refreshing to see in the next update. I have been mostly PVE since OP4. Just something my friends and I can do together (as a few aren’t the level of skill for comp for me). And MP is too much of a grind for me to even take it serious. Although I have found a better balance this OP between the two.

I was just shocked to see after my last reup as I normally don’t look at my level after matches.