TC, leave Gears of War 4 alone

For the last few days, in rank we are no longer given the option to pick a map out of 3 random ones.

During the first 2 weeks of the Gears 5 launch, it would take over 2 minutes to get a match in Gears 4. After those 2 weeks, it was back to normal. Today I get matched within seconds. It’s obvious a lot of us went back to GOW4. I don’t need explaining as to why there is still a huge player base in Gears 4; just browsing the forum is more than enough.

So please stop altering the game and pushing us to switch over to Gears 5. I’d rather move away from the Gears franchise than play that Fortnite inspired mess.


Agree 100 % TC please don’t mess with gow4. We have gave gears 5 a chance but Many of us really love gow4 gameplay. Keep the servers open and fix up gears 5. We need this addressed.


Facts lol. If TC wants to switch people over to Gears 5, listen to what the community actually wants fixed in Gears 5, that is combat/inputlag/movement/bugs/maps/soundtracks/characters etc.


Flashbangs/inverse omen/classes tied to characters.
These definitely need to be fixed.


Can you believe the reasoning behind not wanting dupe characters in horde?!?! Like, what to they think horde players are doing during waves, roleplaying?


It’s a bs excuse to say deal with what they want. Truthfully it’s not about them, it’s about the players and the fact that they don’t listen is going to cause them to lose fans.


True, I can definitely see them losing some of you horde players due to this.


It’s been really frustrating. I’ve just really disliked the lack of player freedom and just overall being forced to play this way is not fun. I’m doing it for the skin right now instead of having fun along the way. Having restrictions is the worst because my enjoyment is negated. Horde is a big part of my enjoyment besides campaign and not having a choice is ruining it for me. Story has nothing to do with horde. Horde is separate from the campaign where story should be focused.


Yep, and sooner or later they’ll probably tell us we can’t have dupes in versus neither because of lore :rofl:. Leave that for the story as you say and let the people choose to play MP how they want.


That’s just insane. I just hate it so much and they really didn’t think it through. I get it that classes shouldn’t be duped but character binding is just terrible.


All I want from TC is to leave Gow4 the way it used to be. I understand that gears 5 is directed to the fortnite people. But your greed is going to ruin a great franchise.




Yeah, I am heading back to GOW4 next week to resume my death march from Re-Up 10 to Wings 1 for the achievement. At level 60 in GOW4 currently but I know that means I am not even half way there yet XP wise (and I saw the XP table for this grind - yeesh…). But grinding that is better than doing any grinding in 5 at this point. I play Escape more than any other mode in Gears 5, and I don’t play much else beside that mode. So that will be waiting for me I guess.

But this Gears 5 MP is pretty bad in my opinion. If you love it, cool, enjoy. But I don’t play Fortnite or any other of the Battle Royale stuff (I don’t like them), nor am I a whale of any sort, so this new MP hotness is not for me it seems.


Yeah, I uninstalled Gears 5 today and went back to Gears 4. I’ll play that one until the servers no longer work which will happen sometime soon I imagine cause TC wants people to switch to Gears 5. And when that happens I rather just walk away from the franchise cause I ain’t playing that garbage.


Wait wtff?? I thought it was a bug this whole time, they really changed it to pick the map automatically?? Why??? Is TC going for the worst game company of the year or do they have a legitimate reason?


Leave Britney alone.

I quit voting for maps when I solo q a while back. Just… Whatever, load the game and nobody quit. I’ll play reclaimed windflare 10x in a row if those conditions are met.

Sidenote… I really do enjoy G4 more. I even went back and nipped my D in Tdm.

To be fair, it’s all gold level non English speakers in the majority of my games… So I can’t really brag.

Only issues are

  1. I can’t communicate
  2. I feel a little bad for the raw 2018 veteran power I use to destroy the enemy with… (@Z_i_i knows what I mean)

But yeah. I agree. Don’t mess with 4 TC. You’ll break it.

@GhostofDelta2 hey


I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who noticed gears 4 is wrong since gears 5 came out forcing us to play it gears 5 is a great game but only his campaign and despite that they only focused on kait lacking the essence of playing with marcus and other characters tc


Lol so true. You know what takes away from lore? Two different endings…