Tc late to announce new challenges

I thought TC was suppose to announce the new season 6 challenges today (pertaining to the guided raam). Still nothing on Twitter, or in the news feed. Hoping we get some info before end of day. Won’t be surprised if we don’t though. If anyone hears anything please post. Kinda curious how they are gonna include horde this time (combined kills I’m assuming).

Yea, I have been checking all day to see if anything new has dropped and still notheing…

It should be anytime now.

May be they changed the character due to the big disappointment by big chunk of fans.

Nah, it’s what we are getting for sure.

Then it’s time to stay far away and clap…

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Time for popcorn!

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What’s the name of that song by Guns N Roses? :rofl:

Still nothing… They are Def looking for video creators though lmmfao

Hopefully everyone at TC got Terminated…
No Rush tho, who even cares about this Challenge??? when the same GameBreaking Bugs and Glitches that have exsisted since Launch are still running Rampant.

Forget gildered raam… Can We Get Some New Developers ??
Coalition needs to be Fired.

when I’m right… I’m right… Smfh

Can’t say I’m surprised…

Must say though the challenges are what keep me playing at this point… Have yet to not complete a challenge… And I did ruby n emerald using koth… Not casual bots… Really wish they’d take bot kills out… Makes it too easy to boost, I saw ppl with emerald gear like 2-3 weeks after challenge was released. I barely got it cause the glitched out tracking system… All just adds to the blood sweat and tears though hahahaha

I use BS classic Baird and BS locust grenadier, do not use the emerald or ruby but it gives me a goal for the season, also since I have (almost) every skin available, gives me something to do. That and hit diamond for the weapon skins, since I didn’t start gears 4 until a year ago. Was OTR truck driver didn’t have time for video games for 3 years. Gears 3 was last one I played. Missed UE.

Isn’t that for me?

According to today’s What’s Up, completing the Gilded RAAM challenges also gives us Black Phantom Weapon Skins. Still no info on what the challenge is, though.

Black Phantom Skins remind of these:

20’000 kills as RAAM in any unpopulated mode…:wink:
In fairness the skins will be SAF.

I’m pretty pumped about those black phantom skins… Gonna look good on all my BS characters😎

But they are phantom, you can’t see them :eyes:

Lol true, i wish they were completely invisible for the bs characters:grinning: