Tc keeps disappointing

Where to begin… So they’re just gunna make elims one point now but keep entree fees the same? I mean the change was stupid to begin with but it was doable. This is stupid . Say you get a trash team lose and don’t get that many gp. Well bam there goes -170 (was at diamond) at least before you wouldn’t lose that many points those 2 point per elim actually made a difference. Now I’m constantly losing points bc of this and for some reason I AM ALWAYS paired up with team mates that don’t know how to play koth. While the other team has a 5 stack of sweaty lancing trash. Wouldn’t be that bad if the lancer was severely nerfed. I mean no one in gears has actual gnasher skill anymore it’s just “hey buddie spray that guy to low health so I can just one tap him” that’s the current state of gears no more butt clenching gnasher battles in tight corners or some cool chainsaw kills here and there. Just all brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr by 5 lancers. I had no problem with the lance back in gow 1-3. Gow4 it was starting to get annoying, but now it’s toxic. What does TC think this is? CoD? Anyway enough of my rant hope some people agree with me though. Gears is just a bunch of no skill nowadays. Make gears great again. Miss you Cliffy b

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