TC just broke the tracking for the Versus-achievements and/or nerfed them prior to announcement

Got 12,5k assists and 300kk when launching the game. Ingame-killstat says about 30k - cheevo counter says ~57k.

Anyone else?

@TC_Sera @TC_Shauny


Yep had 64k kills and 35k plus assists, in game now have 39k kills and my stats for horde and escape are trashed back to pretty much noob or empty.


And my purchase of Tak and his banner are also gone.


No change here from my meagre progress on each. Shame.

I did notice that the tour page now says ‘week 8 of 10’. So that’s closer to the truth than ‘week 7 of 13’ was I suppose.

TC, not QC.


Nerfed hmmm… Doubt it.

More like broke them.

Lets wait and see if they answer…




This has been happening for a while, I know a couple of people that had this occur a few months back.

Edit: Talking about them popping early for some people

So this has been all over the place.

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My achievement progress is the same via the phone app. I have seen in different games that sometimes achievements unlock super early when you haven’t even done the requirements. I think it is usually near impossible to replicate on a fresh/different account.

I would love to get my last Re-Up achievement early. It is crazy how much a difference boost does to the point that TC should be ashamed. Hopefully they either lower exp requirements again when 10 more come or increase exp gained with and without boost.


Yes. It’s been inconsistent for a while.

For example, the just casually unlocked when I booted up on Monday:

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I have a hunch on what’s going on, I’ll chase up.


The only time I want this bug to happen to me too.

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Your first mistake was purchasing them

I wish this would’ve happened to me long before. I’m finally at 87K kills and 93ish million damage. Can’t wait to be done grinding in 2 weeks

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One of my friends had something weird but good for them. They unlocked all the versus achievements at no more than 60% completed for all the big ones.

i just figured the stats have always been broken for this game…i’ve got a lot of runs in master completed yet when i go to my stats it says i haven’t completed a single one…so i’ve always assumed the stats were jacked up

I bet they drastically reduced the requirements for ‘OP 8’ but screwed up and it is unlocking early for some people. Classic TC putting out ridiculous grinds and people complain for months and months and then they over compensate and make them cake

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Nah, Tak is suprisingly good. His “wanna build?” inbetween waves made me chuckle the first time I heard it and his overall dialogue isn’t nearly as bad as the other recent characters.

I’m never gonna use him, maybe in Arcade - but at least I got him.

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The flip flop noise when running is extremely annoying.

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I was just messin with you :slight_smile:

My Versus stats say offline wonder if that means something ?.

Update: Working now but still wrong.