TC Is Trying Their Best To Push Us Off Gears 4

They did a great job at pushing everyone off Gears 5 lmao

Meh gears 4 is still better than 5. Sad to know the game is gonna be fixed when the player base is dead

Welcome to the world of TC, where money is everything and players are little more than walking wallets. Let us recap shall we?

-Gears 4 launch, rocky.

-Pricey microtransactions.

-83%, nothing more needs saying.

-Outrageous pings.

-Is your Gnasher little more than a tiny peashooter with next to no range? Try picking up your opponents Gnasher! They’ve got attachments galore, complete with FMJ bullets and an extended barrel.

-Tried ranked? Got MVP and carried your AFK teammates? Are you Diamond 5 and matched with Silvers and Golds whilst the enemy team has Optic? Tough luck, goodbye rank.

-Do you want fixes? Of course you don’t, here’s another foam skin for only an arm and a leg! What a steal.

-Did you pay full price for RNG Blacksteel? We’re releasing them individually for half the price! Nothing need be rare when sharing is caring!

-Do you have a valid problem with the game that is potentially gamebreaking? Have no fear, our dedicated staff will do everything to answer questions whilst ignoring the original question.

-Did you win all of your placements and singlehandedly did everything for your team against Diamonds and Onyx 3’s? Here is Silver 3, you’ve earned it!

Gears 5 Launch:

-Gears 4 mysteriously has issues arise. I mean hell, I spawned into a multiplayer lobby and could kill both teams.


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I too prefer Gears 4. The maps on 5 are horrible for me. They feel like call of duty and other shooters. Gears has never been in that category. Queen Myrrah’s voice is terrible, sounds like a man to me.
I will say this, in Gears 5 vs. I kick ■■■ with the Gnasher and would probably play everyday if not for the crappy maps and creepy voice.

Are you referring to the Swarm match/round start/end announcer? Cause it’s Niles, not Myrrah.


Well that explains alot. But I can’t stand the voice.

I also thought it was an odd decision to use Niles, particularly since Myrrah has some voice acting and even a model in the Campaign. Then there’s also the new Swarm queen in the form of Reyna’s messed up body presumably taken over by Myrrah…

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They are trying their best to push us off both games. Still havent fixed half the issues that have been present since launch on this one.

I couldn’t agree more. Such a poor call by TC.

Easily one of the best things you’ve ever said.

Meh. I don’t care. Mess with 'em. The future is Gears 5 and they’re not helping so screw 'em. Gow4 players are fair game imo.