TC Is Trying Their Best To Push Us Off Gears 4

TC is trying everything in their power to get us Gears4 players off the game. Their current manipulation is altering the Tier system so you get deranked no matter how well you play. Diamond players are now in the silver and bronze tier. No matter how much matches I win I lose one or 2 matches and my percentage drop dramatically. I was almost a Onyx 2 I am now Gold 2 and dropping. One of my gamer buddy went from Diamond 1 to Bronze. And he is a very talented player no one is able to Tier up anymore. If we are not happy with Gears5 so be it don’t alter gearsofwar4 in attempt to push us off hoping we will go play or purchase the latest. This is getting ridiculous now. Everyone is being deranked this has been taking place a little over a week now. 1st they remove the option to vote on maps now this. Please leave us Gearsofwar 4 players alone. I tried gears 5 I didn’t like it I went back to 4, am I not allowed to do that.


I feel this.

And the fact that the special event has been “luck of the draw” for months now, if you want to keep a special event keep Golden Gun. Please.

Also the load up and home screens are just advertising Gears 5. Still prefer GoW4 PvP.


Yeah it’s sad not too focused on the ranking system but I went from D5 to onyx 1 in no time. Kinda obvious what they’re doing


Sounds like they used Gears 4 as a test dummy for their Gears 5 ranking system lol


Ranks are ending in January anyway.

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Noticed this to. Dropped from Onyx 3 to Onyx 1 in one night of game play. I agree, its just a another tactic to try and encourage people to leave 4 for 5.

I know you asked the N0DE person to say something but I guess they aren’t going to tell us anything :frowning:

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Lol nope


Is there any way to still see rank %’s in the stat section somewhere or has that also been removed? I wanted to play some ranked on 4 but I refuse to derank myself if they’re sabotaging it intentionally.

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What happens after ranked ends? Does it just become random matchmaking?

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On Gears 4 I have been tracking my rank % and if you loose a match it lowers your % and if you win you stay at the same %.

D5 > Silver 2 (or 1 now after today’s session ) LOL. I don’t care, I’m going to keep playing but the team imbalances it’s created its pretty annoying.

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I haven’t hopped on gears due to work. If this is true. Then gears have no real future for its fans.

Might just start retro gaming. I hoped on N64 at party for mario cart. Had the time of my life. If this is modern gaming habits. Then im done with it


This is truly disgusting behavior by TC. Ranked should also not be ending in January. It should remain a permanent season, so e.g. some achievements remain unaffected.


Yeah dude, go to games on the top bar of this site then click on Gears 4 and from there choose stats :smile:

Yep this happened to me and my friend who use to play loads. In a week I went from onyx 3 at %92 to gold 1 at %64 and just make it super awesome I lost %60 for losing one game. My friend has gone from diamond 3 to onyx 3 and just about to be onyx 2 and this was just in three days… See you later TC.

They have pushed this game so hard to be other games I have just started playing fortinte and apex…and now I am having fun!

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Yeah, I think that’s the idea. To help speed up matchmaking


Just dropped 4 ranks in 2 weeks. What a sham. I’m still going to play g4. FK’em.