TC is tone deaf and until they listen the game will never improve

So it’s been a week or so since I’ve played Gears 5. I didnt think the flow of game play could be any worse, boy was I wrong. So campy and slow it’s no longer fun it’s just grueling. It’s a task and not a game.

With the launch of OP 2 where they advertise new shiny things hoping to captivate people who are lured in by shiny new objects. Yet ignore the core problem that the game is a boring slow paced slog. For a shooter this game is very uneventful.

However not a word or on work being done on fixing the core game. They are sticking to a stupid time table which does not enhance the game play. Usually when studios are faced with a rapidly declining player base they prioritize fixing the core issues. Not TC, keep pushing out skins and show what they are giving you to “earn.” if the core game sucks all the skins in the world are not going to fix the glaring problems with this game.

I for one am sick of trying to help TC with criticisms on the game in hope they push it forward. They are tone deaf developers and are arrogant. They have not humbly come forward and shown anything that shows they are taking any of this seriously and think they know best. What they “thought” is what put this game in the position it is in. They dont know what is best for the game and ignore the feed back. Hell it took them how many months to prototype the omen? If this game is pulled from the gutter it is not going to be any time soon. It seems as if it is a lost cause and they are going to push cosmetics in hopes to milk the remaining playerbase in hopes to make this disaster profitable. That is clearly where thier priorities lie.

Maybe it’s a MS problem and the only way to show MS that this is not the way to manage a game is to just have it die unfortunately. TC’s management needs an overhaul because it’s almost as if they have no idea what they are doing. Is the management former EA executives? because this is pretty bad.

Well to wrap up my rant, I hope for the rest of you that the game shapes up. I hope that I will be able to revisit this game and forget the abomination this game was.


Go play something else


You’re wrong. Your main problem with the game that it’s slow is literally destroyed by FFA.

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Even TDM and Guardian are fast paced if you’re map awareness is high. It’s so easy to push the enemy into movement. King of the Hill is easily the fastest moving mode which is why I love it


True. This guy just doesn’t like gears anymore evidently.

I played TDM last night with 2 friends and the enemy team tried to camp. They quickly had to move the moment the 3 of us brought the heat on the 5 of them. Granted, it does help my friends and I are highly skilled and can pull that off. But you can’t really complain about camping if you’re allowing them to do it.

CoD is the true camping simulator. Mainly due to every building having 20 windows and every garbage can/cardboard box allowing head glitching, lol.

Edit: I can also tell that the OP doesn’t realize the artists that design skins aren’t the same people who fix the glitches and other things. I’d like to see fixes immediately as there are many issues but I also realize it’s not that simple.

I blame @TC_Clown.


Guilty as charged.
@N0DEZER0, how do I block someone?


LMAO @TC_Clown HAHHAHAHAHA i love you guys :smile:


Tone deaf doesn’t mean what you think it means.


I have been, you haven’t told me anything I havent done already lol but thanks I guess.

Except the fact that there is no FFA yet and you dont know how it plays either so let’s reserve judgement.

Try playing solo and let me know how pushing alone works out for you chief.

Also I am well aware that the art dept isnt working on mechanics and code. However they are slow to address anything technically wrong with the game.

Of course it does we all have access to a dictionary.

I agree with you OP, in the sense that they’re extremely slow at making any meaningful changes, fixes and additions to the game. Never seen a studio work at such a snail pace, it’s legitimately an art form.

I mean here we are, three months in, and some of the issues the game has had since the beginning are still there. They acknowledge that the game’s population isn’t near where it’s supposed to be, but again, here we are, not much being addressed.

Three months in and ranked still needs more tuning/fixing (before ppl start to moan like a bunch of schoolgirls about how rank works, Ryan himself sais it still needs fixing).
Three months in and the omen is still being addressed.
Three months in and half the planet still has issues with matchmaking. (see Europe, Asia and Australia)
Three months in and the game will still lack maps for the foreseeable future.
Three months in and it still feels like you’re moving around in a sea of mud, making the game very meh.
Three months in and the game still has a vast amount of technical issues, that we might as well be employed by TC and paid to play this god forsaken game.

Oh well, glad a few people are having fun with it. I myself am having fun playing other game for the most part…


Haven’t played in about a month. Won’t be back until movement gets faster.



Agreed. I’m so sick of whiners that act like Gears 5 is supposed to be custom tailored to 100% their liking. Once the hit reg. Issues smoothed out for me, I’ve had a lot of fun. Is the game 100% perfect? Nope. No game is. But I’ve seen improvement. Play it or don’t. But enough of the, " I’m sick of TC not listening to my demands" BS…And I just don’t get the, “game is slow and campy”. Nothing I’ve played in versus or ranked has people just sitting around hiding behind pillars or whatnot. Don’t camp. Be aggressive. Problem solved.

This is my biggest issue and why I don’t bother playing G5 anymore. The movement just feels… meh… Nothing exciting about it, whereas in GoW4 movement felt exhilarating and addictive… Unfortunately for us they don’t believe there is anything wrong with this movement; they said so on stream several times, they wanted slower movement (to showcase the more powerful weapons, Dana once said, I just couldn’t believe he actually said so)…

You forgot one thing: 3 months in and the lancer still jams when you try to revup the chainsaw during an auto reload…


All this shiny stuff and tod does not help if the core game play is bad. The direction they wanted to take was a 50/50 thing. Either big success or a big loss. Now it takes forever to fix all the stuff. Even with all the nooby stuff they implemented it is hard as hell to get into this game for new players.

I really hope TC could understand that doesnt matter how many game modes they introduce into Gears 5, if the same problems onto the gameplay and mechanics , as well as ammo scarcity and lock on hero classes still the game its not gonna be fun.

Its like an apple … it could be beautiful outside but if the inner core it’s rotten , theres no much use of it at the end.


Let’s hope they will listen before it is too late. But I doubt they will ever make changes to horde, it is the most boring horde experience yet.


I still prefer to play GOW 4 or GOW 3 horde… however due that most of my friends here on these forums use gears 5 horde I’m sticking with it… however I do agree its the most boring of them all.

Gears 4 really kicks assss in that game mode… :slight_smile:


Well it looks like we are getting some movement updates in this title update. I am happy to hear this! I can complain about short comings but I also give credit where it is due. I hope this alleviates a lot of my gripes with the game.