Tc is pulling a Atlantic City Gears Pro Circuit

@TC_Octus @anon86589457
Season 1 Gears Pro Circuit Atlantic City. TC did not make any Atlantic City weapon skins for the (Lancer,Gnasher,Snub & Emblem).And now with yesterday’s Gears Fight Night 11/7/18 we did not see the return of esports supporter pack 11 and with Gears Pro Circuit Columbus City next weekend esports supporter pack 11 has not been updated with the Columbus City weapon skins for the (Lancer,Gnasher,Snub & Emblem).

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There were no plans to release the Esports 11 packs during last nights Fight Night. As I stated in your other thread I am sure they will announce what they’re planning for the event on social media, and on this website closer to the actual event.

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