TC is hiring - Specificially for Gears (Update, this includes a new person in charge of QA)

Just an FYI :slight_smile:



Your time to shine :wink:


I thought he already worked there? I mean, he has TC in his name.


Unless there is a senior gameplay design adviser position, hard pass. You don’t want my programming expertise.

looks at known issues and bug fixes timeline

Maybe you do.

He got fired when he leaked CS Lizzie to the public. Hes been trying to win over TC again ever since :sob:


Leaking a skin? Unforgivable.


No future content will be discussed :wink:


@HerrKatzchen is the #1 candidate

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Looks about right, TC are either in pre-production or very early in production of their next project, whatever it may be.

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I see they need a community management director.

I think @TC_Sera just needs a promotion.


Ive been aware lolll

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Any ‘working from home’ bug testing jobs going?

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Yeah it’s no doubt been confirmed as to what their next gears project is, it’ll just take a good few years no doubt.

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I just want someone to be active here and actually communicate with us, not just say: “We’re looking into it” to quiet us down

Someone who answers our questions/ concerns/ cares
I find that is too much to ask for somehow

While I agree completely, the biggest issue here is their policy. I think if it were up to Shauny, he’d say a lot more. He started off really good, but I think his collar is being pulled by the higher ups. It’s too bad


Sucks since we always get the short end of the stick

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Why pay someone to test for bugs when the job can be done by people who pay them (as in, the playbase who bought the game)? :smiley:


Still got a ton of open positions:

Full-Time Roles

Follow the link and submit your resume through the Microsoft Careers site.





Contract Roles

The Coalition does not directly hire temporary roles. But, we do use external developers to take on specific projects on behalf of The Coalition. These developers hire candidates directly to fill these temporary roles. Below are examples of the types of temporary roles that one of our external developers may need to fill during the lifetime of a project. To find out more about these and other open temporary roles please contact:

  • Environment OS Art Manager (x2)
  • Technical Artist (x2)
  • Level Designer
  • Producer
  • VFX Artist (x2)
  • Character Rigger
  • Lighting Artist (x2)
  • Background Artist

Note: These specifically say for Gears of War if you look at the hyperlinks

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But at least is the story of Gears 6 finished!?
JD or Del!?