TC is hiring - Specificially for Gears (Update, Senior Multiplayer Designer role up for grabs!)

I have no idea how to answer that

Please, say that JD is still alive and Del is dead! :sweat_smile:

I hope they are both dead.

Or we pick which one is still alive and they die in the tutorial mission in Gears of War 6.


And in the end of Gears 6 Kait will be possessed by Myrrah. Oh and Fahz will die, too! :sweat_smile:

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Music to my ears

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And all members of the Scorpio Squad will turn into Swarm creatures thanks to a failed mission! :sweat_smile:

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Lets not do that.

Anyway, lets leave this thread for fans that want to work at TC

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Hannah will play Thrasball! :sweat_smile:

OK. :upside_down_face:

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I wonder if they have any remote positions, Im not stepping foot in Canada.

Wouldn’t hurt to ask

Didn’t Shauny work from the UK or something before he left TC? It seems possible if that is the case, even though I’d heard that there was a policy that workers had to reside in Vancouver to work at TC at some point, too, and that it was the reason why Octus stopped working there. Least if my memory isn’t pulling any tricks on me, as I don’t even remember when that was again.

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You recall correctly that Shauny was still in the UK, but I think that only happened due to the pandemic, and how desperate TC was to get a “gears fan” with CM experience into that role.

It wouldn’t be ideal given how many company secrets would have to be sent online, and I wouldn’t be surprised if TC/MS doesn’t consider that kind of role for remote work again.

Octus worked at TC for 5 or so years at Vancouver, but if I understand correctly a few factors led to him wanting to leave and go back to the UK.

That being said, no harm in asking :slight_smile:

QA director should probably be vetted this time.


As long as they have the game installed on their xbox, I’ll take it.


It would definitely be a good start.

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I have to have my expectations at a certain level. I think I’m being generous :sunglasses:

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I heard the weather in Vancouver is pretty nice… Especially during this summer! :sweat_smile:

One word: Yikes


Is that a new soda or something?