TC intended for this to be a thing

Kind of a silly thread here but why not…

Anyways, TC intended for there to be 2 piecing in this game. How did I come to this conclusion you ask? Simple… The AI bots are programmed to do it. Watch this clip and it proves it

Don’t need the clip. They said they added the heavy melee on purpose, and that they plan to nerf it a bit. Just face it you are going to get pieced sometimes. You think it’s weak. I think it’s weak. But it’s there. Play around it. Always keep in mind it’s lurking there.

I know I saw the announcement for it.

I don’t have an issue as such with the mechanic. I’ll get annoyed if it’s the only way someone kills you (like this one guy I came across yesterday, every single time he fired, he would melee after) but I work around it.

I’ve seen a few threads saying about how people who use it are bad and stuff. But when the above happened during the game I just had to record it lol.

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I have no problem with a good two piece the problem I have is that it has become a crutch for a lot of people. I see a ton of the same thing…shoot, melee…shoot, melee…shoot, melee…shoot, melee…

Have you played Escape? 75% of your kills will come from melee.
Two piecing is a requirement in Escape because you are having to conserve ammo.

The boys are programmed to Melee?


100% will come from melee if you go for the ‘brought a knife to a gun fight’ achievement lol

Can’t hit a shot? Close your eyes and press B!

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In Escape, you are conditioned to melee.
Especially if you play Lahni and Emile, 95% of your kills will be melee because they both get bonuses for melee attacks.

When he said “The boys” I think he meant the bots :joy:

LOL. I thought he meant noobs new to the game, that are learning to play the game by playing escape… even funnier to me now.

Bots that melee is not new… The Mallers and Boomers of gears gone by did it all the time.