TC, in regards to your PC, and Xbox players

My problem isn’t the mechanics. My problem is that the skill gap is very high and it is extremely difficult to learn the optimal combination of movement and shooting to do well in the game.

There should be some kind of “boot camp” to specifically train people on how to wall bounce and learn the little tricks with the Gnasher like corner shots while pulling away from over, etc.

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In my experience I’ve used Netgear and didn’t really worked so well however PCMAG has always sell them as the next big thing.

the Cisco routers have delivered always, however the switches specially the new ones are not that good, I still prefer the catalyst series of them, since they work right from the start.

The asus @Krylon_Blue I haven’t tried them. however Ill give them a look to see how they perform.

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My Cisco always failed at the one year mark. In other words, right when the warranty ended

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I’ve only ever used the ISPs Router with no issue :sweat_smile:

I am interested in these WiFi 6 routers so maybe once the next iPhone comes around with that, I may look into it.

Probably go Netgear or ASUS.

I would order the best from each and then test them myself tbh and obviously keep the best.

the wi-fi 6 its a interesting concept in the matter that is offering @III_EnVii_III almost the same speed as wired ethernet connection or even faster.

I think its something experimental at this moment, as you ssaid well have to test it out to see if those claims are true :slight_smile:

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At the moment,

My Internet is 400Mb and my router / iPhone can get 200-300Mb from that.

So it’s not an issue right now.

1Gb is coming to my area soon, so once I get that, may look to upgrade.

Depends, probably overkill as it is having 2-300Mb WiFi on a phone which doesn’t stream past 1080p, already is so much as it is.

Guess I just want another toy :sweat_smile:

Some of those night hawk ones look nice though.


I remember when I had the best connection on Gears 1 Xbox Live…with DSL. Man those were the days.



I switched to Fiber/Coax quite early on tbh,

My DSL experience wasn’t the best.

I went through Dial Up 56Kbps,

Then 128,

Then 256,

Then 512.

After that,

Boom 1Mb on Fiber.

Then 10, 50, 100, 120, 150, 220, 250, 300, 350 and now 400.

550 is in my area but you have to sub to the companies full bundle of TV, Phone, Mobile in addition to Internet which is just not something I’m going to do.

But the 1Gb will be standalone and should be here before end of the year, perfectly timed for next gen.

Not like I download much anyway tbh but will be nice to have and the progress of being 56Kbps back in 2002 and now 400,000 in 2020 is insane!

I remember DSL and Cable came to my area around the same time and DSL had this crazy deal so we signed up with them first. The company sent us all the equipment and 1/2 hour into trying to hook up everything I called the cable company and had them there the next day. From all the stories Ive heard about DSL Im so happy I didnt stick with it

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Dial up ahh the nostalgia of waiting 5mins just to open an email​:joy::joy:


Downloading a song and phone call comes in, disconnecting your internet :upside_down_face:

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This yes omg it was so frustrating lmao…dial up is the reason I started using torrents so I wouldn’t have to restart the download from the beginning :joy:

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Taking three days to download a song over p2p like Napster…not that I ever did that.


Limewire blast from the past damn this thread got me feeling old :sob::joy:


Not old…vintage

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@SM0KIN_D4BS @Nineteenth_Hour

The struggle was sure real :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I did not do that either and those songs are most certainly not on my cellphone right now

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Nothing like giving your computer a virus just to download the Saved By The Bell theme song lol

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Not saying it was All Star by Smashmouth.

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People talk a lot of smack about certain musicians/genres but we all have our guilty pleasures lol @TC_Clown makes fun of me for mine :frowning_face::frowning_face: