TC, in regards to your PC, and Xbox players

6 fans?

Try over doubleeee

All I know is there is now way playing this on pc is a disadvantage and you have to be crazy at least a little bit to think so!


Depends on the PC and also,

The fact that in the EU, I’m locked out of playing with a lot of top tier players so Matchmaking just doesn’t work.

While it does depend on the pc, his seems more then up to par, but the bigger issue is thinking xbox players have some sort of “buff” which just isn’t true. The advantage isn’t the same if say overwatch was crossplay but i’d still lean towards pc as having a slight edge

If you compared matchmaking with #4, how far into 4s’ lifecycle was it when matchmaking got to where #5 currently is?
I’ve just been curious about this in relation to EU players because I know you guys have had it rough.

It’s a different type,

I’m finding games within a couple of mins, but I’m only really playing as a 2.

In 4, I was normally 3/4/5 and everyone was normally Diamond Rank.

The problem in 5 right now is that the matchmaking just doesn’t work.

I’m coming up against players I know, who are 3/4 stacks.

And I’m getting players I’ve not seen before, normally really new.

But Gears 4 from February 2019 was a real struggle, no where near that - yet.

I think no big games and next gen being end of 2020 is kinda helping a little.

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Count yourself lucky. I get matches against sweaty stacked tournament-level pros all the time in ranked :persevere:

Also, can’t OP just go into the Options menu and turn off Crossplay? Would get rid of your pesky console warrior problem.

Then he’d only have two people to play with.

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Oh, I meant on my team,

Always against pre-made teams/stacks.

PC players can’t do this.

Only console players.

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It wasn’t just me, the 3 other PC players on the same team also noticed it to. It was one of them that said something about it, and when I was looking around at players movements on both teams, I could clearly see there were 2 other players on the other team moving faster. I don’t know how they could manage to do that, but they did.



They weren’t moving faster, they were probably just better. Not saying it to be an ■■■, but I’ve played a fair amount and never considered for a second xbox players moving faster.

What rank are you out of curiosity?


Player Movement Speed is based on Skill, not Hardware.

No platform is “faster”.

It’s the same game.


He is not good, and that is an understatement.

Yet he keeps coming online time and time again to complain about how he has better tech then console owners so the game is rigged against him.

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I’m a Masters in Guardian and I’ve played against him twice. He finished bottom of his team both matches and then comes here and complains there is some Xbox advantage over PC. I’m also on PC so that argument is invalid because it would have had a negative effect on me too.


The next theory is that some PC gamers route through an Xbox to get around the obvious bias for Console players.

I mean,

They have double the health, move faster and weapons do 50% more damage after all.

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For whatever reasons, gears seems to have more outrageous complainers then any competitive game i’ve played. I remember a guy in gears one trying to convince me that despite being host, he was at a disadvantage because of his upload speed lol

Lol, because you know, none of our data had to go through his terrible upload speed. :smile:


you have to start using CISCO, instead of NETGEAR OR MAD CATZ routers hahahahaha :smile:


Lol, but in all seriousness Cisco and Netgear are terrible. ASUS products are far more reliable in my experience.