TC, in regards to your PC, and Xbox players

Now, I personally don’t have anything against the Xbox player, being on PC, it’s another ball of wax.

The cross play between PC players and Xbox players on gears 5 has gotten way out of hand when it comes to an even playing field.

When I’m talking about how this game plays on PC, I know from experience when it comes to my PC, my PC specs are ryzen 2700 x CPU, gigabit Aorus RTX 2070 super, this brand of gigabyte graphics cards are 90 megahertz faster than most 2080 Supers. 32GB 3000 megahertz ddr4 ram, Samsung Evo solid-state drive one terabyte, primary hard drive. Corsair rm850 power supply. 6 thermaltake fans, three in the front and two on top and one in the back.

So my GPU is mounted vertically to keep it cooler so it performs better, checking the temp on the GPU, it never goes above 58 degrees Celsius.

For my PC specs, gears 5 should be able to play on my PC on medium to high settings at 150 + frames no problem, now it’s not just me, but me and three other PC players just played a king of the hill match, there were three Xbox players on the other team, these three Xbox players were able to move faster than we were, they’re also able to take cover and come out of cover a lot faster than we were able to.

Now I’m no expert on how the game works between PC and Xbox, but it is obvious how much TC has gone out of their way on giving the Xbox player and advantage, especially when the majority of one team has PC players.

If you get one team that is all PC players, and the other team is all Xbox players, I’m not saying the PC players should be able to walk all over the Xbox players, I’m just putting it point blank that when that happens, the game gives the Xbox players way too much of a buff.

Now as a PC player, this leaves me feeling like the game has intentionally dumbed-down my PC. When you want to play a fair game, it should not feel impossible to beat the other team, skill should be the thing that wins the game and not some stupid algorithm that identifies the platform you’re playing on, and intentionally awards one team dang near invincibility, and punishes the other team just for being on PC.

Again, I don’t have anything against the Xbox player, but if this is TCs way of trying to get the PC player to regret leaving console and going on PC, it didn’t work.

So at the end of March, we’re supposed to get some really big update that is supposed to level the playing field, if the game plays anything at all like it does now after this update. Then TC will lose most of its PC player base, I get it, some of you PC players don’t have many issues on this game, but what about most of us PC players that do??

I can see some of you Xbox players replying to this topic, and talking mad trash about PC, the thing you Xbox players fail to understand is all of these gears games were made on PC first, and then ported over to council as an exclusive.

Okay, I have to ask what the hell is TCs problem with PC? They made this game work perfect on a high-end PC before it was released as an exclusive to Xbox, why the hell can’t they make it work for everyone on PC, and make it an even playing field between PC and Xbox on cross-play.

Whoever takes over in the place of Rob Ferguson, they better make some changes before they lose a high majority of their PC player base, and quick.


Nope. My buddy plays on PC and I play on console. We play ranked together every week. He is always MVP with dozens of kills in Guardian and KOTH. People complain that his PC gives him an edge.

I agree PC has some bugs like having to redownload the game whenever an update is pushed out, but a blanket statement like “it is obvious how much TC has gone out of their way on giving the Xbox player an advantage” is utter nonsense.


Didn’t read the whole thing, can’t tell if you’re trolling or not but three quick things. First, “megahertz” basically doesn’t mean anything when it comes to comparing different GPUs models. For example, a base 2080 Ti has the lowest clock speeds of any RTX cards but it’s 30%+ more powerful than the rest.

Second, mounting your gpu vertically does nothing for its thermals unless you have a side mounted exhaust fan (which is unlikely in 2020 since most case manufacturers stopped supporting these years ago). In fact it can actually hurt your thermals depending on how close it’s mounted to the side panel of your case.

Lastly (and somewhat pedantically), almost all of your paragraphs started with “Now” or “So”. Makes it kind of weird to read,


I played on pc because everything you describe I experienced on Xbox

Honestly the conspiracy you describe implies a level of control over the gears infrastructure I just don’t believe TC have lol


Happy now,? Didn’t realize how many times I said the same word in the beginning of a new paragraph. and no, it’s not trolling.

These are issues that a lot more PC players are having than just a few PC players, this has been the experience on my end, and almost every PC player I have played with in Gears 5.

I knew some people would disagree with my post, why is it there are PC players who have this problem, and some that don’t? Let me rephrase this, it doesn’t happen every match, but there are matches where the even playing field is completely thrown out the window, apparently it’s enough for the majority of PC players to complain about it.

Is it a 4 millisecond monitor vs a 1 millisecond monitor, or is it a 144 hertz vs 240 hertz?

I’m not completely clueless when it comes to how PC works on cross play with gears 5, but I put my specs out there in case someone thought I was playing this game on a weak system, and I know a 2080 TI is better than a 2070 super, clock speeds have no barring on the game, V ram does though, the TI I believe has 11 gigs of ram, the 2070, and 2080 super has 8 gigs of ram.

Of course the TI is going to perform better because it has that extra 3 gigs of ram, a lot of these triple A games will take up well over 4 gigs of V ram, on a 2070, 2080 super, you will have to lower the resolution settings a bit for it to have good response times.

Are you gonna claim this was a clickbait thread after everyone points out your stupidity again?

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As Both a PC and Xbox player i can tell you directly that the issue you seem to be having is not with the platform at all but rather more of a connection issue. They lag compensation is absolutely atrocious on Gears 5 and ping is all Superficial lol. Lag paired with the overpowered and unbalanced weapon causes unfairness no matter what you play on.

That being said i agree with you, having a PC can only give you an advantage because of DPI and mouse settings but other than that it’s alot of skill which plays a part too. But seems like TC keeps making mistakes and not responding to player feedback so i already rarely play 5.

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This whole thread is bizarre :neutral_face:

PC is more responsive if you’re running above 60FPS.

But like I always say, players skill can negate any small responsive advantages a PC has.

Pre-Shooting and being able to accurately bounce/move fast.

Having good aim.

And so on …

Edit: like @Chaotik_Element said too,

Lag Comp has huge implications.

I tried to play yesterday and bounce against a 100ms ping player and me being on 10ms.


His shots were catching me mid bounce as I was going away from where the player was looking. But you get “caught” because of it.


Also i’m not sure but judging by your post i’m willing to bet you are probably one of those Steam players who downloaded Gears 5 as your first gears game and is complaining just because you are getting destroyed. I’ll tell you firsthand having a PC barely makes a difference in gears of war. These games are solely skill based. I encountered alot of PC players who i could tell are new and didn’t play gears in previous years.

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lmao if i could like your comment again i would :open_mouth:

Edit: No no no Ryan has mentioned this before envii you are CLEARLY MISSING YOUR SHOTS.


PC players say Xbox has the advantage, Xbox players say PC has the advantage…
Maybe, just maybe, either platform is workable as long as you are skilled.
Crazy thought, I know


It’s been said here before but the issue with high ping advantage has been ongoing for some time.

It certainly can’t be a hardware issue, not when TC optimized the game well enough for Versus to run nice and smooth on a basic XB1.

I highly doubt TC is actively sabotaging PC players.

Honestly, the best players I know are on PC…

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Um, okay, I actually got it from game pass.

I played gears 1 through 3, play it all the way through gears 4 and the multiplayer is well.

I’m sorry, my friend, you are a piss poor judge of character.

For real,

Point blank shots are just shots I missed :joy:

No, this one isn’t actually a clickbait thread.

You did notice the last thread I was pointing out damn near the same thing continuously right?

Also, to do a proper clickbait thread, you have to let it keep going for a while before you come out and say it was clickbait ■■■■■■■.

You shouldn’t really mount your GPU vertically. I mean, looks nice but bad for thermals.

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OP, judging by the responses from other PC players in this thread, I don’t think quite know what you’re talking about…


He only has 6 fans in his case, amateur stuff. Needs to get on my big boy levels :muscle:


what I would do its to use "Bitspower couplings " along with a EK radiator and PETG loops to fully integrate liquid cooling solution into the machine, forgetting about the execessive use of fans…

and keeping away from the AIO solutions that EK its bringing along @III_EnVii_III

having that I think Gears 5 could function without any hesitation.

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