TC I'm having Medal issues

I don’t know if it has been put to your attention. But Hive-Brothers does not work.

“Survive 10 acts of escape as Anthony, Benjamin, or Clayton”

I’ve tried it with all three brothers and even tried it with my friends playing as the brothers and it just won’t work.

The other medal I’m having an issue with is Obliterator.

“Get 5 or more kills without dying in a versus match”

mine has been stuck at 4/5 for a month now. And I’ve done it several time to just get it done.

  1. Hive Brothers currently only works on Master and Inconceivable, it is listed as an issue on the Trello.

  2. Obliterator description is not accurate, you actually need to get a Quint ribbon for that rather than 5 kills in one match.


Ah, okay. Thanks buddy.