TC, If You Add Dizzy Into Gears 5,,,

Please let us shoot his hat off like Gears 2 and 3. The small attention to details are my favorite


If they do that rather than fix a lot of their issues, then something is seriously wrong.



They are too busy working on the next generation Terminator skin anyway, for the next $29.99 terminator pack, so they won’t be able to do either of those two …

Since Gears 2 this franchise stopped being detailed, so…


Oh and dont forget the big toe sticking out of his boot.

We don’t even hear from him after gears 3. Why the hell not? We’ve seen all of delta squad, Carmine, Hofman, Sam there’s a camo of Jace in 5, Characters that died after gears 3/before 4 at least had an honorable mention. We haven’t heard squat from Dizzy and Matika now that I think about it.

It could have something to do with his voice actor, much like Hoffman. Peter Jason (Dizzy’s VA) hasn’t been credited with any new work since 2014, and he’s 75 years old.

And charge us $10 for him too!