TC I want to say Thank you

This isn’t a joke thread.

This game has had a lot of issues since it’s launch and many still plague it but this occasion I had last night I would like to thank you TC. I had a horde match on masters. Our lizzie had to go around wave 38 . A Kait jumped in. By the time we realize what they were doing it was wave 40. She/he melted down 4 weapon lockers worth of weapons and spent our remaining cash on repair tools. We booted them during the boss wave at 40 and it was a matriarch. Our engineer gave up and left. Magically we were able to pull through but we died at wave 49. Between waiting for a new engineer to join and constantly rebuilding everything that got destroyed we just did not recover from that.

Had you not put in Host Kick option that situation would have been worse. I was Jack and at least I got 2 dailies and 2 challenges done before that ended. Before we had to back out to the lobby to kick that ■■■■■■■. I’m glad you came to your senses and put that in here.

FYI the troll was on xbox and had a gamer score of 140. I won’t name them because most forums don’t take kindly to that. I’ve had an account with xbox live since gears 1. In all those years from my experiences, people who have a gamertag with that low a gamerscore are not new players. They are people who’ve been banned multiple times and have to keep creating new accounts. You get achievements for turning on a game. Unless you just got an xbox if your gamerscore is that low your a troll.

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