TC I want to compliment you

Im a returning Gears player, Ive only just started Gears 5 due to life being in the way. Ive played them all and enjoyed them all in their own way, getting nearly every achievement.

I just want to point out some things I like

Ranked system is good, I like how individual performance is more important now than team (although thats still v.important), I like the movement, but I do need to learn theae wrap arounds becausr Im being wrecked by competant players haha. sometimes i do feel like im losing battles i shouldnt but meh, 100k kills online is a grind and ill probably sweat that in vs AI when im done with the game. Horde and Escape are lots of fun and I love what you did with them although I will prefer g4 horde forever. Skins and customisation mean nothing to me but I like its there :slight_smile: I also love the tour of duty and think its great incentive to keep playing, its certainly kept me on all week! Please keep updating the game, Im gonna be hooked for months now!


That title.


Hey Kazuya nice to see you’re still active :slight_smile:

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Oh yes. Always here to spread my love and cheer :joy:

Anyhoo, welcome back :+1: hope you’ve been well mate.

I’m glad you can find enjoyment in this game after what they’ve done to it! I mostly refer to the tuning, I find it horrifically slow and game breaking. But I agree with everything else.

Gears 4 will always reign supreme :joy:

P.S. I eventually got those Horde maps done just over a year after you went off. Really dragged that one out :scream:

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I’m gonna agree with you. TC has done a lot of good…but also recently took several hundreds of steps back IMO.


Operation 5 release gears 5 was in a very decent place and felt better than gears 4 to me alongside the new Xbox. Tuning has knocked it back massively notably the shot delays


the shot delays are trash. I’m so sicking of thinking: “here’s a gib”! Oops no. My Gnasher isn’t firing. (proceed to be chunked)


Yep shot delays are really bad, Ive died a few times from shots just not registering or missing completely

@GB6_Kazuya Yeah Im sorry about that, life and children got in the way of xbox for a long time, lets just say I owe you one!


I’ll save my compliments for the day TC enables the use of our Locust/Lambent skins in PvE.
Still, I do agree that they’ve made some good decisions with this game.

Well believe me when I say I know what you mean :joy: I’d have done it years ago myself otherwise!

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Custom Lobbies count towards the 100k. There’s quite a few guides on TA to speed the process up slightly.

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Good to know, thanks!

I hope this thread stays positive, glad you are finding joy in the parts you like OP.

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Stacks don’t matter.

So glad you’re enjoying it! I hope I run into you in a game at some point!